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The tallest mountain in the world?

Maunakea stands at 4,205 meters above sea level.
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Mount Everest (8,848 m) is the tallest mountain above sea level.  The summit of Mount Chimborazo in the Andes is the point on the Earth that is farthest from the center, and is 2,168 m farther from the Earth's center than the summit of Everest (because the earth is an oblate spheroid rather than a sphere). 

But where is the base of Maunakea relative to the summit?  UH Hilo's Dr. Ken Hon Maunakea Speaker Series presentation on Maunakea geology provides an excellent review of Maunakea and Hawaiian Island geology.

(Hint: for more information on another really big mountain, Maunaloa [over 16,000 m from seafloor to summit], visit these NPS and USGS websites.)

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