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Summit Access Road conditions

Maunakea weather varies widely and the Summit Access Road may be closed due to dangerous conditions even though most of Hawai`i is warm and sunny!
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On Maunakea, a calm sunny day may quickly become treacherous with hurricane force winds and blizzard conditions. Summit winds above 120 mph are not uncommon.  Snowstorms have even occurred during the summer months.
When conditions are too dangerous, the Summit Access road is closed to ensure everyone's safety.  The road is re-opened as soon as the weather and the roads are safe again.
Traffic delays and road closures on the summit access road may also occur due to the use and transport of heavy equipment, slow vehicle movements, deliveries, road maintenance, stalled or abandoned vehicles, hikers and bikers.  Remember that dust, fog or snow can reduce visibility and slow traffic.
The latest road and weather information, as well as road closure criteria, are available at the Maunakea Weather Center website;  Or you can call 808-935-6268 for a recorded phone message (updated as conditions change).
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