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Why does OMKM spell "Maunakea" as one word?
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The University of Hawaii at Hilo College of Hawaiian Language, Ka Haka ʻUla o Keʻelikōlani, recommends one word, "Maunakea" as the proper Hawaiian usage. Ka Wai Ola (Vol. 25 No. 11) also identifies "Maunakea" as the traditional Hawaiian spelling. Maunakea is a proper noun—the name of the mountain on the Island of Hawaii. This spelling is found in original Hawaiian language newspapers dating back to the late 1800s when the Hawaiian language was the medium of communication. 

"Mauna Kea" spelled as two words is really referring to any white mountain—it is a common noun (vs. the proper noun).  The “Mauna Kea” spelling is only used in this document where "Mauna Kea" is used in published or legal documents, such as the “Mauna Kea Science Reserve.”

Another example of a common noun to a proper noun in Hawaiian is "ka pua". Spelled separately it refers to "the flower" or any flower. Spelled as "Kapua", it refers to the "proper name" of someone/something.

For more information, Civil Beat has a nice article on the topic.

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