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Colored photos of dedication of Puu Poliahu test site on July 20, 1964 Dedications; Mauna Kea station; Photographs Akiyama
Dedication ceremony for completion of Mauna Kea summit road and observatory station - program (original) Dedications; Mauna Kea Access Road; Mauna Kea station Akiyama
Chronology of Mauna Kea summit road and Observatory Station and Acknowledgements Mauna Kea - Early Account; Mauna Kea Access Road; Mauna Kea station Akiyama
Short-Range astronomer analyzing photos of Moon taken by Ranger 7 Kuiper, Gerard Akiyama
"T-H wins top honors” and a hand written note from Kevin Krisciunas thanking Mr. Akiyama (November 30, 1985) Krisciunas, Kevin; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Demand and The Big Island Dedications; Mauna Kea station Akiyama
World’s largest telescope rises atop Mauna Kea Groundbreaking; Mauna Kea; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Scientists dedicate 'super scope' on Mauna Kea Dedications; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Telescope re-dedication: first facility on Mauna Kea now located at UH-Hilo Dedications; Mauna Kea station; Sogo, Power; University of Hawaii Hilo Akiyama
University telescope gets new face and name Mauna Kea station; Sogo, Power; University of Hawaii Hilo Akiyama
Photo of Mauna Kea Station, 8x10 inches Dedications; Mauna Kea Station; Photographs Akiyama
Colored photos of scientists on board of Kuiper Airborne Observatory Kuiper Airborne Observatory; NASA; Photographs Akiyama
Subaru Telescope first light image: Saturn and Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Orion KL Region, Part of Andromeda Galaxy (M31), NGC4051, Hickson Compact Group 40, PG1115+080 (Gravitational Lens), CI0939+47 (Abell 851), The Most Distant Quasar zt z=5.0 Astronomy; First Light; Subaru Telescope
New star over UH: astronomy (Program gets national rating) Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA); Institute for Astronomy Akiyama
A European traveler's account of a trip over Hawaii Kilauea Volcano; Lake Waiau; Mauna Kea Adze Quarry; Mauna Kea description and travel; Mauna Loa Volcano; caves Periodicals
"Scientists probe failure of cameras on ranger 6" and "Ranger 6 zeroes in on Moon; Due to hit at 11:24 tonight" Moon probe; Ranger 6 Akiyama
Hiura, Arnold Stephanie Nagata managing Mauna Kea Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM) Periodicals
25th Infantry Division,, U.S. Army (Hawaii) Integrated natural resources management plan 2002-2006 and environmental assessment : Pohakuloa Training Area Environmental impact analysis Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA); Environmental monitoring Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA); Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan; Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) EIS
Abiang, Arlene Astronomy and Hawaiian culture come together under one sky at the Imiloa Astronomy Center Astronomy; Giles, Peter B.; Imiloa Astronomy Center Periodicals
Abouchami, W., Galer, S.J.G., Hoffmann, A.W. High precision lead isotope systematics of lavas from the Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Hawaiian plume; Isotopes; Lava analysis; Mauna Kea volcano; Mauna Loa volcano Periodicals
Abouchami, W., Hofmann, A.W., Galer, S.J.G., Frey, F.A., Eisele, J., Feigenson, M. Lead isotopes reveal bilateral asymmetry and vertical continuity in the Hawaiian mantle plume Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Hawaiian plume; Isotopes; Kilauea Volcano; Mantle plumes; Mauna Kea volcano Periodicals
Aciego, S.M., Jourdan, F., DePaolo, D.J., Kennedy, B.M., Renne, P.R., Sims, K.W.W. Combined U-Th/He and (super 40) Ar/(super 39) Ar Geochronology of post-shield lavas from the Mauna Kea and Kohala volcanoes, Hawaii Geochronology; Geological time; Geology Mauna Kea; Late Quaternary; Radioactive dating; Uranium-thorium dating Periodicals
Aciego, Sarah Maria New approaches to quaternary geochronology: U-Th/He dating of basalt and stable isotope mapping of polar glaciers Basalt; Geochronology; Glaciers; Helium; Quaternary; Radioactive dating; Radioactivity measurement; Stable isotope; Uranium-thorium dating Monographs
Adams, M. E. Puu Poliahu, Mauna Kea: A Possible Analog for the Hematite Bearing Layer Located in Gale Crater, Mars Cinder cones; Hematite; Mars; Mauna Kea volcano Monographs
Adams, W. M., Watts, George, Mason, George Estimation of thermal diffusivity from field observations of temperature as a function of time and depth Lake Waiau; Lake sediments; Sediments; Thermal conductivity Periodicals

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