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Yingst, R. A., Russell, P., Ten Kate, Inge L., Noble, S., Graff, T. G., Graham, L. D. Designing remote operations strategies to optimize science mission goals: lessons learned from the Moon Mars Analog Mission Activities Mauna Kea 2012 field test Geology Mauna Kea; Mars (Planet); Mauna Kea Ice Age Natural Area Reserve; Mauna Kea volcano; Moon Periodicals
Yorita, Peggy Letter to Mr. Akiyama from Peggy Yorita November 15, 1979 Correspondence; Kuiper, Gerard; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Yoshinaga, Nadao Letter to Mitsuo Akiyama from Nadao Yoshinaga February 2, 1965 Correspondence; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Young, A. J., Roberts, D.E. , Scott, D.P. , Cook, J.E. , Mays, M.Z. , Askew, E.W. Sustaining health & performance in the cold: environmental medicine guidance for cold-weather operations Cold weather operations (Military); Winter warfare Monographs
Young, Andrew J., Young, Patricia M. Human acclimatization to high terrestrial altitude Acclimatization; Altitude influence of; High altitude physiology Monographs
Young, Charles Jefferies proposes partial University move to Maui Haleakala; Jefferies, John; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Yuen, Jann Letter to Mitsuo Akiyama from Jann Yuen May 19, 1964 Correspondence; Matsunaga, Spark M. Akiyama
Yuen, Paul C. Letter to Mr. Akiyama from Paul Yuen (Acting President, UH) July 8, 1992 Correspondence; Kuiper, Gerard Akiyama
Zalburg, Stanford "On top of old Mauna Kea-dispute goes on", "There are two sides to every mountain", and "Mauna Kea's thin air no place to hold party" Altitude Mountain Sickness; Controversy; Mauna Kea; Photographs Akiyama
Zeigler, Joanna Palila, people, and politics: perfect facts, law, and lawsuits with imperfect results Birds Mauna Kea; Birds protection; Endangered species birds; Palila Periodicals
Zhang, Chunxi, Hamilton, Kevin, Wang, Yuqing Monitoring and projecting snow on Hawaii Island Snow and snowfall Hawaii Island; Snow and snowfall research Periodicals
Ziegler, Marjorie Wekiu, E Homau I Ke Ola Mauna Kea; Wekiu bug Periodicals
Zimmerman, Elwood C. Argentine ant in Hawaii Ants; Argentine ant; Linepithema humile Periodicals
ZipcodeZoo, Argyroxiphium sandwicense sandwicense Ahinahina; Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Silverswords Mauna Kea Monographs
Zoological Society of San Diego,, Lieberman, Alan Captive Palila released on the Northern slopes of Mauna Kea Birds reintroduction; Palila Monographs
Zuiker, Anton On Top of the World: Hawaii's tallest mount is a monument to discovery Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea; Nelson, Jerry; Photographs; Snow; Steiger, Walter Akiyama

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