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Abiang, Arlene Astronomy and Hawaiian culture come together under one sky at the Imiloa Astronomy Center Astronomy; Giles, Peter B.; Imiloa Astronomy Center Periodicals
Abouchami, W., Galer, S.J.G., Hoffmann, A.W. High precision lead isotope systematics of lavas from the Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Hawaiian plume; Isotopes; Lava analysis; Mauna Kea volcano; Mauna Loa volcano Periodicals
Abouchami, W., Hofmann, A.W., Galer, S.J.G., Frey, F.A., Eisele, J., Feigenson, M. Lead isotopes reveal bilateral asymmetry and vertical continuity in the Hawaiian mantle plume Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Hawaiian plume; Isotopes; Kilauea Volcano; Mantle plumes; Mauna Kea volcano Periodicals
Aciego, S.M., Jourdan, F., DePaolo, D.J., Kennedy, B.M., Renne, P.R., Sims, K.W.W. Combined U-Th/He and (super 40) Ar/(super 39) Ar Geochronology of post-shield lavas from the Mauna Kea and Kohala volcanoes, Hawaii Geochronology; Geological time; Geology Mauna Kea; Late Quaternary; Radioactive dating; Uranium-thorium dating Periodicals
Aciego, Sarah Maria New approaches to quaternary geochronology: U-Th/He dating of basalt and stable isotope mapping of polar glaciers Basalt; Geochronology; Glaciers; Helium; Quaternary; Radioactive dating; Radioactivity measurement; Stable isotope; Uranium-thorium dating Monographs
Adams, M. E. Puu Poliahu, Mauna Kea: A Possible Analog for the Hematite Bearing Layer Located in Gale Crater, Mars Cinder cones; Hematite; Mars; Mauna Kea volcano Monographs
Adams, W. M., Watts, George, Mason, George Estimation of thermal diffusivity from field observations of temperature as a function of time and depth Lake Waiau; Lake sediments; Sediments; Thermal conductivity Periodicals
Adee, Ken Canopy structure in the ohia decline zone of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii Acacia koa; Koa; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia; Ohia-lehua ecology Monographs
Aeder, Kirk Lee Big air on Mauna Kea Recreation areas Mauna Kea; Snow and snowfall Hawaii Island; Snowboarding Mauna Kea Periodicals
Aha Kiole Advisory Committee, Report to the Twenty-Fifth Legislature 2009 regular session, Final report Aha Kiole Advisory Committee, best practices and specific structure for the cultural management of natural resources in Hawaii Cultural resources management; Natural resources management Monographs
Ahearn, Gregory A., Hasley, Neil P., Howarth, Frank G. Comparative physiology of troglobitic and epigean arthropods from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Crickets; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Insects; Spiders Monographs
Ahuena, Ku-Kahau-ula and Poliahu Gods and goddesses; Kukahuauula; Legends; Poliahu Periodicals
Akashi, Yoshiko, Mueller-Dombois, Dieter A landscape perspective of the Hawaiian rain forest dieback Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia dieback; Ohia-lehua diseases and pests Periodicals
Akashi, Yoshiko Landscape ecology of Metrosideros dieback Forests and forestry Hawaii Island; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia dieback Hawaii Island; Ohia-lehua ecology Monographs
Akegarasu, Wake Archaeology group explores Keanakakoi Adzes Mauna Kea; Archaeological surveying Mauna Kea; Keanakakoi; Mauna Kea Adze Quarry; University of Hawaii at Hilo Periodicals
Akiapolaau Working Group,, Hawaiian Forest Bird Recovery Team, Akiapolaau five-year recovery work plan Akiapolaau; Endangered species birds; Habitat conservation; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi Monographs
Akiyama, Daniel Letter to Mr. Akiyama from Daniel Mitsuo Akiyama (grandson) Akiyama, Daniel; Akiyama, Mitsuo; Correspondence; Kuiper, Gerard Akiyama
Akiyama, Daniel One of the first letters sent out to leading universities about Mauna Kea Correspondence; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo, Akiyama, Shizue Emails between Mr. & Mr. Akiyama and Sylvia des Tombe during 1999-2000 Akiyama, Mitsuo Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo, Bryan, Jack "It all started back in 1964" - photocopies of pictures of the dome atop Pu’u Poliahu, with captions and annotations by Mr. Akiyama Gillespie, Carl Jr.; Herring, Alika; Mauna Kea station; Photographs Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo Letter to Dr. Gerard P. Kuiper from Mitsuo Akiyama August 23, 1963 Correspondence; Kuiper, Gerard Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo Lava Bomb from atop Puu Poliahu, Mauna Kea, Island of Hawaii, U.S.A. Island of Hawaii; Lava Bombs; Mauna Kea; Puu Poliahu Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo Memo to Members, Board of Directors, Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce re Address given at Mauna Kea Station Dedication by Dr. Gerard Kuiper Akiyama, Mitsuo; Correspondence; Dedications; Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce; Mauna Kea Observatories Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo Letters to the editor: Protecting Mauna Kea Mauna Kea - Environment Akiyama
Akiyama, Mitsuo Letter to Stephen Yamashiro, Chairman of Hawaii County Council from Mr. Akiyama June 26, 1984 Astronomy; Correspondence; Mauna Kea Akiyama

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