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Haapoja, Margaret Bird in the lens Akiapolaau; Birds Kauai; Endangered species birds; Hemignathus munroi; Photographs Periodicals
Hackett, Peter H., Rennie, Drummond, Grover, Robert F., Reeves, John T. Acute mountain sickness and the edemas of high altitude: a common pathogenesis? Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Cerebral edema; Edema; High altitude; Peripheral edema; Pulmonary edema Periodicals
Hackett, Peter H., Rennie, Drummond, Levine, Harry D. The incidence, importance, and prophylaxis of acute mountain sickness Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Cerebral edema; High altitude physiology; Pulmonary edema Periodicals
Hackett, Peter H., Roach, Robert C. High-altitude illness Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude hypoxia; Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Cerebral edema; Pulmonary edema Periodicals
Haddigan, Michael Giant telescope mirror begins 2-day road trip Mirror transportation; Subaru Telewcope Akiyama
Hagstrum, Jonathan T., Champion, Duane E. Late quaternary geomagnetic secular variation from historical and (super 14) C-dated lava flows on Hawaii Geology Mauna Kea; Geomagnetism secular variations; Lake Waiau Periodicals
Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge: fact sheet Birds Hawaii Island; Endangered species; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge Monographs
Hale, Helene Letter to Dr. Gerard Kuiper from Helene Hale June 14, 1963 Correspondence; Kuiper, Gerard Akiyama
Hale, Helene Letter to Mr. Akiyama from Helene H. Hale (Chairman and Executive officer County of Hawaii) September 10, 1964 Correspondence; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Hale, Helene Stars over Hawaii Akiyama, Mitsuo; University of Hawaii Research Park Akiyama
Haleole, S. N., Beckwith, Martha Warren The Hawaiian romance of Laieikawai Hawaii social life and customs; Hawaiian folklore; Hawaiian language texts Monographs
Hall, Donald Characteristics of Mauna Kea relating to the Japan National Large Telescope Atmospheric effects site survey; Japanese National Large Telescope (JNLT); National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ); Subaru Telescope Periodicals
Hall, Donald Stewards of the stars - and aina - at Mauna Kea Institute for Astronomy (IfA); Mauna Kea management; Sierra Club; University of Hawaii Akiyama
Hall, Donald Concerns about development of Mauna Kea addressed Astronomy; Hawaii Island; Mauna Kea; Outrigger Telescope Project; Palila; Sierra Club; Wekiu bug Akiyama
Hall, John B. Newell Shearwater in the Kohala Mountains, Island of Hawaii Kohala; Shearwaters Periodicals
Hall, William Logan The forests of the Hawaiian islands Forests and forestry Monographs
Halliday, William R. Raw sewage and solid waste dumps in lava tube caves of Hawaii Island Kaumana Cave; Lava tubes; Speleology Periodicals
Halliday, William R. A lava tube stream conduit system on Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii Caves; Lava tubes; Mauna Kea volcano Periodicals
Hamasu, Edgar Letter re Conservation District Use Application for Observatory Uses at Mauna Kea, Oahu Conservation District Use Application (CDUA); Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP); Jefferies, John; Mauna Kea Observatories EIS
Hamilton, Booz Allen Draft programmatic environmental impact statement for the modernization of training infrastructure and construction and operation of an infantry platoon battle area at Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawaii, volume 1 and volume 2 Environmental impact analysis; Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) EIS
Hamilton, Thomas Letter to Mr. Akiyama from Thomas Hamilton (President of University of Hawaii) July 15, 1963 Correspondence; Hamilton, Thomas; University of Hawaii Akiyama
Hammatt, Hallett H, Borthwick, Douglas Archaeological reconnaissance of two proposed antenna sites for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Archaeological surveying Hawaii Island; Archaeological surveying Mauna Kea; National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO); Very Long Base Array (VLBA) EIS
Hammatt, Hallett H, Shideler, David W. Data recovery report for two archaeological lithic scatters, sites 50-10-23-10,310 and 50-10-23-10,311 at the Puu Kalepeamoa Complex, Hale Pohaku, Kaohe Ahupuaa, Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island (TMK 4-4-15:12) Archaeological survey; Hale Pohaku; Lithic technology; Mauna Kea Adze Quarry; Puu Kalepeamoa Site Monographs
Hammerschlag, Michael, Corely, Chris "Photo altered, UH scientist says" and "Precious cargo" Astronomy; Photographs; Subaru Telescope; University of Hawaii Akiyama
Hanano, Diane, Weis, Dominique, Scoates, James, Aciego, Sarah Maria, DePaolo, D.J. Horizontal and vertical zoning of heterogeneities in the Hawaiian mantle plume from the geochemistry of consecutive postshield volcano pairs: Kohala-Mahukona and Mauna Kea–Hualalai Geochemistry; Isotope ratios; Mauna Kea volcano; Volcanic plumes Periodicals

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