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Sakai, Howard F., Johanos, Thea C. The nest, egg, young, and aspects of the life history of the endangered Hawaii creeper Endangered species birds; Hawaii Creeper; Oreomystis mana Periodicals
Sakai, Howard F., Ralph, C. John An observation of akiapolaau nest construction Akiapolaau; Birds nests; Nest building Periodicals
Sakai, Howard F., Ralph, C. John A recent sighting of the akiapolau in South Kona, Hawaii Akiapolaau; Birds counting; Birds populations Periodicals
Sakai, Howard F. Avian response to mechanical clearing of a native rainforest in Hawaii Birds counting; Endangered species; Forests and forestry Hawaii Island; Japanese White-eye; Keauhou Ranch; Koa; Species diversity Periodicals
Sako, Maurice, Delaney, Paul, Largo, Allan, Miklius, Asta, Okamura, Arnold Hawaiian Volcano Observatory summary 90 part II, Deformation data, January to December 1990 Deformation; Geodesy; Geologic hazards; Hazardous geographic environments; Kilauea Volcano; Mauna Loa; Oceania Monographs
Salazar, Stephanie Nakasone golfs, meets officials Japan; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
Salazar, Stephanie Ground broken for new scope on Mauna Kea Groundbreaking ceremony; Mauna Kea; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Salazar, Stephanie Mauna Kea workers laying down tracks toward the stars Construction; James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) Akiyama
Sale, Richard Mauna Kea: a look at 'birth of universe' - telescope twins to peer at time's start-up California Institute of Technology; Mauna Kea; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Salkever, Alex New scopes give clearer view of origin of cosmos National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ); Subaru Telescope Periodicals
Samuel, Michael D., Woodworth, Bethaney L., Atkinson, Carter T., Hart, Patrick J., LaPointe, Dennis Avian malaria in Hawaiian forest birds: infection and population impacts across species and elevations Apanane; Avian malaria; Hawaii Amakihi; Iiwi; Kilauea Volcano; Mauna Loa Periodicals
Sanburn, Curt Can we build an eco-highway? Ecosystem management; Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA); Saddle Road Periodicals
Santiago, Louis S. Use of coarse woody debris by the plant community of a Hawaiian montane cloud forest Coarse woody debris; Metrosideros polymorpha; Montane tropical forest; Oxidation reduction; Regeneration Periodicals
Sargent, Craig Adaptive radiation and macroevolution in the Hawaiian silverswords Silverswords Monographs
Saunders, Kitty, Harada-Stone, Dave "Giant telescope to be built on Mauna Kea" and "Two more telescopes set for Mauna Kea" Gemini Observatory; Mauna Kea; Smithsonian Submillimeter Array; Telescope construction Akiyama
Sawyer, Kathy Telescope that couldn’t be built stuns skeptics: Mauna Kea is changing astronomy Astronomy; Keck Observatory Akiyama
Scheffler, Timothy E., Geohazards Consultants International, Inc., Draft archaeological monitoring and reconnaissance report for the PISCES Apollo Valley Luna Rover Project - Mauna Kea, Kaohe Ahupuaa, Hamakua District, Island of Hawaii, TMK: (3) 4-4-015:009 (por.) Archaeological surveying Hawaii Island; Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) EIS
Schiro, Stephanie Introduced species in Hawaii, Hymenoptera: Formicidae (Senior Seminar 2002, Earlham College) Ants; Argentine ant; Hymenoptera; Introduced species Monographs
Schmeisser, Elmar T., Gagliano, Donald L. Visual system effects of exercise on Mauna Kea at 2,200 and 4,200 meters altitude Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Exercise Periodicals
Schmicker, Michael The economy of astronomy Astronomy Economic aspects Periodicals
Schmicker, Michael $29 mm economic boost on way for roaring astronomy, educational tourism Astronomy economic aspects; Imiloa Astronomy Center Periodicals
Schmitt, Robert C. Official names of cones on Mauna Kea Cinder cones; Mauna Kea Monographs
Schnell, Lena, Evans, Steven A., Kawakami, Kathy, Kelly, Aubrey, Trainer, Jeff Annual report for the ecosystem management program, Pohakuloa Training Area, Island of Hawaii August 2003 Ecosystem management government policy Pohakuloa; Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) Monographs
Schnell, Lena Summer bird census on Mauna Kea Akiapolaau; Bird counting; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Palila Periodicals
Schock, Britni Maunakea, a mountain of unmatched amazement Mauna Kea description and travel; Mauna Kea photographs; Maunakea Visitor Information Station Periodicals

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