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Abercrombie, Neil; Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA); Base facilities; Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); University of Hawaii at Manoa "UH Manoa has joined an association of universities for astronomy research" and "Abercrombie questions Big Isle observatory site" Akiyama
Acacia koa; Akiapolaau; Foraging behavior; Forests and forestry; Habitat conservation; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi; Home range; Old-growth forest conservation; Reforestation; Territoriality (zoology) Hawaiian honeycreeper home range size varies with habitat: implications for native acacia koa forestry Pejchar, Liba, Holl, Karen D., Lockwood, Julie L. Periodicals
Acacia koa; Bradyrhizobium; Legumes; Soils nitrogen content Diversity and distribution of indigenous bradyrhizobia populations associated with Acacia koa in Hawaii Leary, James John Kalani Monographs
Acacia koa; El Nino; Frost damage; Nurse tree; Reforestation Moderating night radiative cooling reduces frost damage to Metrosideros polymorpha seedlings used for forest restoration in Hawaii Scowcroft, Paul G., Meinzer, Frederick C., Goldstein, Guillermo, Melcher, Peter J., Jeffrey, Jack Periodicals
Acacia koa; Endangered species; Trees Hawaii Island An assessment of the current status of native upland habitats and associated endangered species on the island of Hawaii Jacobi, James D., Scott, J. Michael Monographs
Acacia koa; Forest ecology; Mauna Kea Aquatic organism study for the Koa Timber Commercial Forestry Operation, South Hilo District, County of Hawaii Englund, R.A., Preston, D.J., Samuelson, G.A., Arakaki, K., Evenhuis, N.L. Monographs
Acacia koa; Forest birds; Forest ecology Hawaii Island; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Restoration ecology Hawaiian forest bird conservation and koa (acacia koa) forestry on Hawaii island Strommer, Laurie E. Monographs
Acacia koa; Grasses; Invasive species; Metrosideros polymorpha Limitations to seedling establishment in a mesic Hawaiian forest Denslow, Julie S., Uowolo, Amanda L. , Hughes, R. Flint Periodicals
Acacia koa; Fungi Hawaii; Mamane; Sophora Chrysophylla Mycorrhizal dependency of two Hawaiian endemic tree species: koa and mamane Miyasaka, S.C., Habte, M., Matsuyama, D.T. Periodicals
Acacia Koa; Mauna Loa; Trees Hawaii Island Some findings on vegetative and sexual reproduction of koa Spatz, Gunter Monographs
Acacia koa; Mauna Loa Phenology of Acacia Koa on Mauna Loa, Hawaii Lanner, Ronald M. Monographs
Acacia koa; Insects; Metrosideros collina Canopy-associated arthropods in acacia koa and metrosideros tree communities along an altitudinal transect on Hawaii Island Gagne, Wayne C. Periodicals
Acacia koa; Birds habitat; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Mamane; Metrosideros polymorpha; Sophora Chrysophylla Effect of substrate on germination success for two common trees found in a Hawaiian wildlife refuge Cordes, H. Casey Periodicals
Acacia koa; Natural regeneration; Surface disturbances Disturbance during logging stimulates regeneration of koa Scowcroft, Paul G., Nelson, Robert E. Monographs
Acacia koa; Mauna Loa; Psylla uncatoides Island record for P. uncatoides: Hawaii, 5400 H. Mauna Loa strip, July 31, 1970 Davis, C., Kawamura, K. Monographs
Acacia koa; Sophora chrysophylla; mamane The arborescent indigenous legumes of Hawaii Rock, Joseph Francis Charles Monographs
Acacia koa; Acacia psyllid; biological pest control The biological control of Psylla uncatoides (Ferris & Klyver) (Homoptera Psyllidae) on Hawaii Leeper, John R., Beardsley, J.W. Periodicals
Acacia psyllid; Plant diseases Biology of the Psylla uncatoides Koehler, C.S., Kattoulas, Marios E., Frankie, G.W. Periodicals
Acacia psyllid; Trees diseases Occurrence of Psylla uncatoides on Acacia and Albizia, with notes on control Munro, J. Alex Periodicals
Acclimation; Canopy opening; Experimental ecology; Habitat ecology modification; Metrosideros polymorpha; Microclimates; Ohia dieback; Ohia-lehua; Shade tolerant plants; Survival analysis biometry; Tropical rain forests Response of Metrosideros Polymorpha seedlings to experimental canopy opening Burton, Philip J., Mueller-Dombois, Dieter Periodicals
Acclimatization; Altitude influence of; High altitude physiology Human acclimatization to high terrestrial altitude Young, Andrew J., Young, Patricia M. Monographs
Acclimatization; Hypertension Altitude-induced hypertension in bi-landers Bachman, James J., Dey, Sheri, Newman, Jeremy H. Periodicals
Acclimation; Acute mountain sickness (AMS) Medical problems during acclimatization to high altitude Singh, Inder Monographs
Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude hypoxia; Altitude mountain sickness (AMS) Exhaled nitric oxide decreases upon acute exposure to high-altitude hypoxia Brown, Daniel E., Beall, Cynthia M., Strohl. Kingman P., Mills, Phoebe S. Periodicals
Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude influence of; Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea; United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Work at high altitude: a clinical and physiological study at the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope, Mauna Kea, Hawaii Forster, Peter J.G. Monographs

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