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Basalt; Geochemistry; Lava analysis; Mauna Kea volcano Geochemical investigations of ordinary chondrites, shergottites, and Hawaiian basalts Reynolds, Valerie Slater Monographs
Basalt; Geology Mauna Kea Pacificite, an anemousite basalt Barth, Tom F.W. Periodicals
Basalt; Geochemistry; Mauna Kea volcano Geochemical study of Hawaiian basalts Budahn, James Richard Monographs
Basalt; Mauna Kea volcano; Weathering Rock coatings in Hawaii Farr, Tom G., Adams, John B. Periodicals
Basalt Mauna Kea; Galapagos Rocks of the Galapagos Islands Washington, H.S., Keyes, Mary G. Periodicals
Basalt Mauna Kea; Geodesy; Lake Waiau; Mauna Kea description and travel; Photographs Determinations of latitude, gravity, and the magnetic elements at stations in the Hawaiian Islands, including a result for the mean density of the earth, 1891, 1892. Appendix no. 12 -- report for 1893 Preston, E. D. Monographs
Basalt Mauna Kea; Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Rare earth elements Constraints on partial melting imposed by rare earth element variations in Mauna Kea basalts Feigenson, Mark D., Patino, Lina C., Carr, Michael J. Periodicals
Bayesian theory; Bird populations; Extinction (biology) Hawaii Island; Palilao Uncertainty and the assessment of extinction probabilities Ludwig, Donald Periodicals
Bees; Beneficial insects; Endangered Species Conservation status of the endemic bees of Hawaii, Hylaeus (Nesoprosopis) (Hymenoptera: Colletidae) Magnacca, Karl N. Periodicals
Astronomy; Big Island; Economy Long-term future is bright for Big Island: economist sees signs that bring a smile to his face Witty, Jim Akiyama
Big Island; Economy; Mauna Kea New signs of hope for Big Island economy Akiyama
Big Island; Economy; Mauna Kea Observatories; University of Hawaii High-tech ventures for Big Isle Clark, Hugh Akiyama
Big Island; Mauna Kea; University of Hawaii at Hilo Big Isle leaders to explore science partnerships Clark, Hugh Akiyama
Big Island; Roads Key to Numbered Access Routes n/a Akiyama
Big Island; Saddle Road A Big Isle boost Akiyama
Big Island; Spaceport C. Brewer chief sees bright future for Big Isle: 'Doc' Buyers says spaceport will be key growth factor Kua, Crystal Akiyama
Big Island; Harley's comet; United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) 'Dumb, brown and down'? and "Big eye on Big Isle sees famed visitor" Boyce, Yolanda, Ryan, Tim Akiyama
Astronomy; Big Island economy; Mauna Kea Big Island’s economy crumbling, Hitch says Clark, Hugh Akiyama
Big Island economy; Mauna Kea Access Road "Big Isle advised to expect less help from state" and “UH presents request for more funds” Clark, Hugh Akiyama
Big Island economy; Saddle Road Big Island leaders starting new year with optimism Clark, Hugh Akiyama
Big Island economy "Bank economist’s ‘negative attitudes’ a drag, Herb says" and "Big Island uncertainty" Akiyama
Alien species control; Biological pest control; Caterpillars; Ecology; Wasps Classical biocontrol: panacea or Pandora’s box Howarth, F.G. Periodicals
Alien species control; Biological pest control; Ecology Environmental impacts of classical biological control Howarth, Francis G. Periodicals
Biological pest control; Biotic communities; Ecosystem management Infiltration of a Hawaiian community by introduced biological control agents Henneman, M.L., Memmott, J. Periodicals
Biological pest control; Introduced species A review of biological control introductions in Hawaii: 1890 to 1985 Funasaki, George Y., Lai, Po-Yung, Nakahara, Larry M., Beardsley, John W., Ota, Asher, K. Periodicals

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