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Geology Mauna Kea; Magma Magmatic differentiation in Hawaii Daly, Reginald A. Periodicals
Magma; Mauna Kea volcano; Rocks igneous Mauna Kea Thermobarometry of mafic igneous rocks based on clinopyroxene-liquid equilibria, 0-30 kbar Putirka, Keith, Johnson, Marie, Kinzler, Rosamond, Longhi, John, Walker, David Periodicals
Mamane; Mamane-naio forest; Mauna Kea Mamane forest decline on Mauna Kea: a reality or myth Scowcroft, Paul G. Monographs
Birds Mauna Kea; Mamane; Mauna Kea; Palila Field notes from Ronald L. Walker, February 12, 1968: Mauna Kea, Hawaii Walker, Ronald L. Periodicals
Akoko; Carbon isotope ratios; Climate change; Euphorbia olowaluana; Mamane; Mauna Kea; Sophora chrysophylla; Subalpine forests Investigating the growth periodicity, stable carbon isotope trend and climate reconstruction potential of Akoko (Euphorbia olowaluana), A native Hawaiian C4 tree on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, using tree ring analysis Ben, Tishanna Monographs
Alkaloids; Mamane; Sophora Chrysophylla Mamanine and pohakuline, two unpecedented quinolizidine alkaloids from sophora chrysophylla Kadooka, Mavis M., Chang, Mildred Y., Fukami, Hiroshi, Scheuer, P.J., Clardy, Jon, Solheim, Barbara A., Springer, James P. Periodicals
Carbon isotope ratios; Mamane; Mauna Kea; Radiocarbon dating; Sophora chrysophylla; Trees Hawaii Island Investigating the growth dynamics of mamane (Sophora chrysophylla) on Maunakea, Hawai`i using radiocarbon dating and classical dendrochronology methods Francisco, Kainana S. Monographs
Carbon isotope ratios; Mamane; Mauna Kea; Radiocarbon dating; Sophora chrysophylla; Trees Hawaii Island Annual rings in a native Hawaiian tree, Sophora chrysophylla, on Maunakea, Hawaii Francisco, Kainana S., Hart, Patrick J., Li, Jinbao, Cook, Edward R., Baker, Patrick J. Periodicals
Alien plants; Feral sheep control Mauna Kea; Mamane; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Long-term response of the mamane forest to feral herbivore management on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Reddy, E., van Vuren, D. H., Scowcroft, Paul G., Kauffman, J. B., Perry, L. Periodicals
Feral ungulates; Kaohe Game Management Area; Mamane; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Tree cover changes in Mamane (Sophora chrysophylla) forests grazed by sheep and cattle Scowcroft, Paul G. Periodicals
Endangered species Maui; Haleakala National Park; Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla; Subalpine forests Problems with the long-term maintenance of mamane (sophora chrysophylla) in the central crater area of the Haleakala National Park Jacobi, James D. Monographs
Mamane; Mamane-naio forest; Plants reproduction; Sophora chrysophylla Direct sowing of treated mamane seeds: an ineffective regeneration technique Scowcroft, Paul G. Monographs
Feral ungulates; Mamane; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Impact of feral herbivores on mamane forests of Mauna Kea, Hawaii: bark stripping and diameter class structure Scowcroft, Paul G., Sakai, Howard F. Periodicals
Mamane; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Sophora chrysophylla; Trees diseases First report of an Armillaria Root disease pathogen, Armillaria gallica, associated with several new hosts in Hawaii Kim, M. -S., Hanna, J. W., Klopfenstein, N. B. Periodicals
Feral livestock Mauna Kea; Habitat conservation; Mamane; Palila; Sophora chrysophylla; Trees Hawaii Island Tree densities in subalpine woodland on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Hess, Steven, Banko, Paul C., Brenner, Gregory J., Jacobi, James D. Monographs
Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla Sophora in Hawaii Degener, Otto, Degener, Isa Periodicals
Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla A taxonomic revision of the Hawaiian species of the Genus Sophora Linnaeus (Family Leguminosae) Chock, Alvin K. Periodicals
Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla Mamane: scientific therapy for asthma? Massey, Douglas G., Chien, Yu Kun, Fournier-Massey, Gisele Periodicals
Insect pests biological control; Insects; Mamane; Mamane moth; Moths; Sophora chrysophylla; Uresephita polygonalis Seasonal abundances of the mamane moth, its nuclear polyhedrosis virus, and its parasites Conant, Michael Monographs
Environmental impact analysis Mauna Kea; Mamane-naio forest; Mauna Kea Science Reserve Testimony: recommendations on the draft plan for Mauna Kea to Board of Land and Natural Resources Mull, Mae E. Periodicals
Birds habitat Hawaii Island; Mamane-naio forest; Mauna Kea; Myoporum sandwicense; Palila; Sophora chrysophylla Mauna Kea mamane-naio forest National Audubon Society, Monographs
Mammals Hawaiian land mammals. Selected chapters: The feral cattle, Bos taurus, p.271-282; The feral goat, Capra hircus, p. 283-298; The mouflon, Ovis musimon, p. 299-313; The feral sheep, Ovis aries, p. 314-327 Kramer, Raymond J. Monographs
Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Mantle plumes; Mauna Kea volcano; Volcanic plumes Geochemical investigations of plume-related lavas : constraints on the structure of mantle plumes and the nature of plume/lithosphere interactions Lassiter, John Channing Monographs
Ice; Manua Kea; Mars; Permafrost; Puu Wekiu; Woodcock, Alfred H. Looking for buried Mars-like ice in a Hawaiian volcano crater Klein, Alice Periodicals
Hale Pohaku; Maps; Mauna Kea Hand-drawn illustration of roads and power lines from Humuula to the microwave radio station Akiyama

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