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"'Giant step’ discussed at UHH - international meeting on infrared star studies" and "Big Island land given to Caltech" Clark, Hugh Conferences; Keck; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"4.4 quake reported on Mauna Kea", "County: lights have saved millions", "Development on Mauna Kea", and "Keck Telescope finds ancient galaxy clusters" Blakemore, Kalena Astronomy; Earthquakes; Keck Observatory; Light pollution control; Mauna Kea desecration Akiyama
"Ah, Honolulu city lights…they turn sky gazers off" and "Big Island seeks ties to Chile town" Michaud, Peter Big Island; Light pollution Akiyama
"Astronomer to address UHH commencement" and "Keck Telescope designer wins award" n/a Keck Observatory; Nelson, Jerry; Robson, Ian; University of Hawaii Hilo Akiyama
"Astronomers ask city light controls" and "Big glass disk cut as first step for Keck scope" Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Light pollution; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
"Astronomical development", "Astronomy impact disputed on Big Isle", "Keck confirms discovery of early galaxies: 'Primeval' stars are 10 billion light years away", "Mauna Kea scope spots most distant galaxy yet", and "Snowstorm hits as winter settles over Mauna Kea" Yamashiro, Stephen, TenBruggencate, Jan, Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Economic impact; Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea - Environment; Mauna Kea Observatories; Sierra Club; Snow Akiyama
"Astronomy: Earthly environs important, too" and "Mauna Kea desecration" Nelson, Frank Mauna Kea - Environment Akiyama
"Auditor critical of Mauna Kea caretakers", "Big Isle observatory traces origin of stars", "Computer installation complete", and "Mauna Kea subleases approved" TenBruggencate, Jan, Yankey, John Astronomy; Auditor; Big Island; Fujitso Supercomputer; Gamma Ray Burst; Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Bank economist’s ‘negative attitudes’ a drag, Herb says" and "Big Island uncertainty" Big Island economy Akiyama
"Big Isle advised to expect less help from state" and “UH presents request for more funds” Clark, Hugh Big Island economy; Mauna Kea Access Road Akiyama
"CFHT to mark 15th anniversary", "Newest telescope will be a 'twofer'", and "Gemini groundbreaking today" n/a Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); Gemini Observatory; Groundbreaking Akiyama
"Comet piece broke up: Keck telescope makes discovery", "Keck sees faraway galaxy", and "Building design wins award" TenBruggencate, Jan Astronomy; Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9; Keck Observatory Akiyama
"Commercial use of Mauna Kea" and "Blizzard blankets mountain: Mauna Kea crew resues six stuck on summit Monday" Baker, Cheryl Mauna Kea; Mauna Kea safety; Snow Akiyama
"Contractor fined $135,000 in Big Isle observatory fire" and "Contractor fined for Mauna Kea fire" Neil, Christopher Fires; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Control an observatory in Hawaii through a computer in Scotland? GEE!" GTE advertisement n/a GTE; United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Akiyama
"Delicate mirror arrives on Big Island" and "Telescope mirror arrives on isle" Mirror transportation; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Dreamers and Mauna Kea" and an article from the Hawaii Herald January 17, 1992 Akiyama, Mitsuo; Board of Regents, UH; Commendation; Kuiper, Gerard; Mauna Kea Akiyama
"Eyes on Mauna Kea", "Mauna Kea blizzard makes road unsafe", "Mauna Kea access road reopened after icy storm", "Summit gets an inch of hail", and two "Notice of completion" McCornack, Art Caltech; Mauna Kea Management Plan; Snow; Subaru Telescope; Weather Akiyama
"First Mauna Kea Tests Completed" and "NASA Grant for UH" Mauna Kea Station; NASA Akiyama
"Get a high-tech taste of astronomy for low cost price" and "Subaru support facility planned" Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Hale Pohaku; Onizuka Station; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Giant telescope to be built on Mauna Kea" and "Two more telescopes set for Mauna Kea" Saunders, Kitty, Harada-Stone, Dave Gemini Observatory; Mauna Kea; Smithsonian Submillimeter Array; Telescope construction Akiyama
"Hawaii astronomy wows British" and "Mauna Kea telescope land subleases panned by groups" Wynn-Williams, Gareth, Thompso, Rod Astronomy; Hawaii tourism; Land sublease; Mauna Kea; Sierra Club Akiyama
"Is Council reaching for stars?" and "Study of facility transfer sought" Clark, Hugh College of Tropical Agriculture, UH; Hilo; Institute for Astronomy (IfA) Akiyama
"Isle Scientists’ New Camera Speeds Up Space Discoveries" and "State hires planning company for Big Isle research-tech park" Altonn, Helen 88-inch telescope; Astronomy; Institute for Astronomy; UH Hilo Research and Technology Park Akiyama
"Isle telescope project subject of a controversy", "Panel questions telescope design: but Isle project still a go", and "UH gets pact to run Mauna Kea telescope" Clark, Hugh Gemini Observatory; Institute for Astronomy; Mirrors; NASA Infrared Telescope Facilities (IRTF) Akiyama

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