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A voyage to the Pacific Ocean, undertaken by the command of his majesty for making discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere to determine the position and extent of the west side of North America, its distance from Asia; and the practicability of a Northern passage to Europe ... King, James, Cook, James Hawaii history; Mauna Kea history; Mauna Loa; Voyages around the world Monographs
A Water-Budget Model and Assessment of Groundwater Recharge for the Island of Hawaii Engott, John A. Hydrology; Water supply Monographs
A world of astronomy news : amateur activities trigger an astronomical revival in Hawaii, New Zealand, and El Salvador O'Meara, Stephen James Onizuka Center; Stargazing; Summit tours
Ablation of snow under the vertical sun in Hawaii Wentworth, Chester K. Mauna Kea; Snow and snowfall Hawaii Island Periodicals
Abundance and diets of rats in two native Hawaiian forests Sugihara, Robert T. Mice; Rain forests; Rats Periodicals
Abundance, distribution, and removals of feral pigs at Big Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex 2010-2015 Leopold, Christina R., Hess, Steven, Kendall, Steve J., Judge, Seth W. Feral livestock Mauna Kea; Feral pig control; Feral ungulates; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge Monographs
Access way arthropod monitoring report: Thirty Meter Telescope project, astronomy precinct, Mauna Kea science reserve, Hamakua district, Island of Hawaii Brenner, Gregory J., Eiben, Jesse, Pacific Analytics L.L.C. Arthropods monitoring; Insects Mauna Kea; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT); Wekiu bug EIS
Acclimatization to high altitude: truths and misconceptions West, John B. Acclimatization; Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Oxygen Periodicals
Action taken to solve dust problem Mauna Loa Observatory; Roads Akiyama
Acute mountain sickness and the edemas of high altitude: a common pathogenesis? Hackett, Peter H., Rennie, Drummond, Grover, Robert F., Reeves, John T. Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Cerebral edema; Edema; High altitude; Peripheral edema; Pulmonary edema Periodicals
Acute Mountain Sickness in a General Tourist Population at Moderate Altitudes Honigman, Benjamin, Theis, Mary Kay, Koziol-McLain, Jane, Roach, Robert, Yip, Ray, Houston, Charles, Moore, Lorna G. Acute mountain sickness (AMS); Altitude mountain sickness (AMS) Periodicals
Adaptation in the Hawaii akepa to breed and moult during a seasonal food decline Freed, Leonard A., Fretz, J. Scott, Medeiros, Matthew C. Birds breeding; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Hawaii Akepa; Loxops coccineus Periodicals
Adaptations of terrestrial arthropods to the alpine environment Somme, Lauritz Insects alpine climate Periodicals
Adaptive radiation and genetic differentiation in the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Compositae: Madinae) Witter, Martha, Carr, Gerald D. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Genetic variation; Silverswords Periodicals
Adaptive radiation and hybridization in the Hawaii silversword alliance Carr, Gerald D. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Silverswords Monographs
Adaptive radiation and macroevolution in the Hawaiian silverswords Sargent, Craig Silverswords Monographs
Adaptive radiation in the Hawaiian Silversword Alliance (Compositae-Madiinae). I. Cytogenetics of spontaneous hybrids Carr, Gerald D., Kyhos, Donald W. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Dubautia; Silverswords Periodicals
Adaptive radiation in the Hawaiian Silversword Alliance (Compositae-Madiinae. ). II. Cytogenetics of artificial and natural hybrids Carr, Gerald D. and Kyhos, Donald W. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Hawaiian Madiinae; Silverswords; Silverswords Mauna Kea Periodicals
Adaptive radiation of the Hawaiian silversword alliance (Compositae-Madiinae): ecological, morphological, and physiological diversity Robichaux, Robert H., Carr, Gerald D., Liebman, Matt, Pearcy, Robert W. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Silverswords Periodicals
Addendum to Notice of intent to decommission the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory California Institute of Technology, Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO); Decommission EIS
Additional new and noteworthy records for Hawaiian mosses Hoe, W. J. Mosses Periodicals
Additional new and noteworthy records for Hawaiian mosses. 5 Hoe, W. J. Mosses Periodicals
Additional notes on the insects occurring on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa Bryan, E. H., Jr. Insects Mauna Kea; Insects Mauna Loa; Meinecke, William H. Periodicals
Address given at Mauna Kea Station dedication Kuiper, Gerard Dedications; Kuiper, Gerard; Mauna Kea station Akiyama
Aeolian communities: Mt. Saint Helens and Mauna Kea Edwards, John S. Insects Mauna Kea; Insects alpine climate; Mount Saint Helens; Nysius wekiuicola; Wekiu bug Periodicals

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