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"Isles May Become Astronomy Center", "Farias Reacts to Telescope", "French Plan Mauna Kea Telescope", and "Isle Observatory Wins Support of Canadians" Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); Canadian Astronomy Society; French Astronomy and Geophysics Institute; Mauna Kea Akiyama
"It all started back in 1964" - photocopies of pictures of the dome atop Pu’u Poliahu, with captions and annotations by Mr. Akiyama Akiyama, Mitsuo, Bryan, Jack Gillespie, Carl Jr.; Herring, Alika; Mauna Kea station; Photographs Akiyama
"Japan chooses Big Isle for 'world's largest telescope'", "Summit use for Japanese scope is OK'd", and "Japan plans scope on top of Mauna Kea" Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Japan princess's visit to include Mauna Kea" and "Princess eager to try out telescope" Dedications; Japanese Princess; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"JFK to Visit Push Moon Race" and " Mauna Kea site chosen for Moon study project" Mauna Kea; Moon Akiyama
"Jupiter crash: Hawaii at the forefront" and "Mauna Kea skies clear for comet" Astronomy; Comets; Jupiter; Mauna Kea; Shoemaker Levi 9 Akiyama
"Jupiter hit" and "Keck telescope gets an eyeful of redshift" TenBruggencate, Jan Astronomy; Jupiter; Keck Observatory Akiyama
"Jupiter-size body found; may be 'brown dwarf'" and "Kormondy said against shift of UH institute" Borg, Jim Exoplanets; IRTF; Infrared Telescope Facility; Institute for Astronomy (IfA); Mauna Kea Observatories; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"Kaifu backs Bush, but former Japan leader unsure why president took car execs along" and "Gemini telescopes project outlined" Glauberman, Stu Gemini Observatory; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
"Keck dedicates largest 'scope" and "Sierra Club criticizes plans" Dedications; Keck Observatory; Sierra Club Akiyama
"Keck gets grant to enhance telescope: Mauna Kea will have view to 'cores of elliptical galaxies'", "UH-Hilo picked for NASA study", and "Astronomy workshop for teachers" Clark, Hugh Keck Observatory; NASA; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"Keck Observatory on Big Island gets new director", "Tucson's loss is Big Island's gain", and "Taiwan becomes observatory partner" n/a Chaffee, Fred; Keck Observatory; Smithsonian Millimeter Array Akiyama
"Keck Telescope Construction on Schedule", "Dome headed for Hawaii", and "Huge telescope dome arrives" Construction; Dome; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
"Keck unmasks stellar cloud's beauty" and "Big Isle opening eye to wider sky" TenBruggencate, Jan, Clark, Hugh Big Island; Dedications; Gemini Observatory; Keck Observatory Akiyama
"Kuiper’s Remarks Are Clarified" and "Gold's remarks scientific, Kuiper says" Bryan, Jack Kuiper, Gerard; Moon probe; Ranger 7 Akiyama
"Lost luggage, bagged the prize", "Arizona loses a second plum to Hawaii; both are after a third", and "It'll take $200 million to build the new facility" Altonn, Helen Hall, Donald; Mauna Kea; Mount Graham; National New Technology Telescope (NNTT); Telescope site selection Akiyama
"Matayoshi announces plan to guarantee $2.2 million loan for astronomy facility" and "Matayoshi supports loan for telescope facilities" Tao, Gene Base facilities; Matayoshi; Telescopes; United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Akiyama
"Matayoshi urges state to approve telescope" and "Noelani idea a 'surprise' to DOE" Telescopes; Ten-Meter Telescope (Keck Observatory) Akiyama
"Maui Research Potential Described by 2 Experts", "Maui's deep water proximity worth $", and "A sunny future for Haleakala" Haleakala Akiyama
"Mauna Kea astronomers spy 'Smiley' and 'Karla'", "UH-Hilo selected for NASA access", and "Planetary workshop" n/a Kuiper belt objects; NASA; UH 88-inch telescope; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"Mauna Kea seen in lead for one-of-a-kind telescope" and "Design work on Gemini telescope" Wright, Walter Gemini Observatory; Smithsonian Institution; Submillimeter interferometer telescopes Akiyama
"Mauna Kea telescope reaches far: Far-off galaxy seen in successful test of new Keck telescope" and "Mauna Kea telescope scores galactic coup" Smith, Dave, TenBruggencate, Jan Astronomy; Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea Akiyama
"Mauna Kea: An explorer's frontier" and "Observatories not universally welcomed" Barrett, Greg, TenBruggencate, Jan, Lum, Cory Altitude Mountain Sickness; Astronomy; Mauna Kea; Mauna Kea management Akiyama
"Mauna Kea: Enough damage" and "Keck astronomers discover distant galaxy" Smith, Roselyn Astronomy; Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea - Environment Akiyama
"Mauna Kea: Hawaii's lofty science role" and "Federal science center planned for UH-Hilo" Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Gemini Observatory; Mauna Kea; University Park Akiyama

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