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"T-H wins top honors” and a hand written note from Kevin Krisciunas thanking Mr. Akiyama (November 30, 1985) Krisciunas, Kevin; Mauna Kea Akiyama
"Taking the measure of the Moon" and "Back in orbit" Moon probe; Ranger 7 Akiyama
"Talks slated on Huge Mauna Kea Telescope" and "Fish and Game Association Opposes Big New Telescope" Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); Mauna Kea Akiyama
"Technological advances help capture a great show by Jove" and "Astronomers shed light on dark matter" Wainscoat, Richard, Jewitt, David Astronomy; Institute for Astronomy; Jupiter; Mauna Kea Observatories; UH 2.2-meter telescope Akiyama
"Telescope construction resuming at Mauna Kea", "Club stands back on observatory issue", "No foul play in observatory fire", "Notice of Completion", and "Three roads affected in transfer of lens" n/a Fires; Mauna Kea; Mirror transportation; Sierra Club; Subaru Telescope; Telescope construction Akiyama
"Telescope OKd for Mauna Kea" and "Regents OK Mauna Kea master plan" Kato, Gerald James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT); Master plan; Mauna Kea; Telescopes; UH Regents Akiyama
"Telescope project underway", "Environment, local issues compete with astronomy", and "UH chief to initiate Mauna Kea plan" Clark, Hugh, Tanji, Edwin Astronomy; Base facilities; Environment; Gemini Observatory; Groundbreaking; Haleakala; Mauna Kea plan Akiyama
"The Fieriest one-two punch: Comet's brightest chunks due to hit Jupiter" and "Emotions peak atop Mauna Kea" n/a Astronomy; Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9; Jupiter; Mauna Kea Akiyama
"The Great Central Plain", "The Upper Forest Region", "Sophora L." Rock, Joseph Francis Charles Acacia koa; Ahinahina; Ohia; Plants Hawaii Island; Plants Mauna Kea; Plants Mauna Loa; Silverswords Monographs
"The house that John built" and "Jefferies gets new position in Arizona" Hastings, Barbara Institute for Astronomy; Jefferies, John; Mauna Kea; National Optical Astronomy Observatories (NOAO) Akiyama
"The upper limits of vegetation on Mauna Loa, Hawaii": a 50th-anniversary reassessment Juvik, J. O., Rodomsky, Brett, Price, Jonathan, Hansen, Eric, Kueffer, Christoph Tropical alpine habitat; Vegetation mapping Mauna Loa Periodicals
"UH Astronomer accepts NASA research job at California center" and "Former isle astronomer gets top post" Cruikshank, Dale; NASA; University of Hawaii; Wolff, Sidney Akiyama
"UH astronomer makes two far out discoveries", "Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea", and "Mauna Kea gets 6 inches of snow" Thompson, Rod, Hannemann, Mufi Institute for Astronomy; Kuiper Belt; Mauna Kea Observatories; Snow Akiyama
"UH couple using Keck scrutinize dark matter" and "Big Isle's Keck Telescope won't have Hubble's trouble" Altonn, Helen, Borg, Jim Astronomy; Hubble Telescope; Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii; Keck Observatory Akiyama
"UH cuts scope of Mauna Kea plan: only three star facilities to be allowed" and "Munich prof to lead astronomy" Bricking, Tanya Institute for Astronomy (IfA); Kudritzki, Rolf; Mauna Kea Management Plan; Mauna Kea Master plan Akiyama
"UH fires astronomy institute director" and "Astronomy institute picks acting director" Clark, Hugh Hall, Donald; Institute for Astronomy (IfA); UH Manoa Akiyama
"UH Manoa has joined an association of universities for astronomy research" and "Abercrombie questions Big Isle observatory site" Abercrombie, Neil; Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA); Base facilities; Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); University of Hawaii at Manoa Akiyama
"UH Regents Accept Grants, Eye Progress" and "AF May Threaten Haleakala Science" Johnson, Robert Haleakala; University of Hawaii Akiyama
"UH success - Another 'niche' specialty", "Astronomer: UFO photo a hoax" and "Last chance" Comet Hale-Bopp; Conservation and preservation; Kaneshiro, Kenneth; Mauna Kea; Photographs; University of Hawaii Akiyama
"UH wins contract to Help Develop Space Telescope" and "Big Isle sighting may aid Yoyager's Neptune trip" Wagner, Peter, Hastings, Barbara Canada France Hawaii Telescope (CFHT); Hubble Space Telescope; Institute for Astronomy (IfA); NASA Infrared Telescope Facilities (IRTF); Neptune; Voyager Akiyama
"UH’s Sidney Wolff gets Kitt Peak post" and "Wolff gets top post at Kitt Peak" Takeuchi, Floyed, Altonn, Helen Institute for Astronomy (IfA); Kitt Peak National Observatory; University of Hawaii; Wolff, Sidney Akiyama
"UK telescope holds dedication" and "Hilo telescope facility dedicates second phase" Base facilities; Dedications; Joint Astronomy Centre (JAC); United Kingdom Akiyama
"University Park is growing" and "Committee selected for UHH-tech park" DeMello, Gerald University Park; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"University to start work on institute at UH-Hilo" and "New chancelor dreams big plans for UH-Hilo" Clark, Hugh, Thompso, Rod Chancellor Rose Tseng; Groundbreaking; Institute for Astronomy (IfA); University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
"Victims of Mauna Kea fire needed the work: three construction workers lived, died on the summit", "Observatory staffs endure cold, snow for premier view" and "Another lawsuit filed over fire on Mauna Kea" McDuffie, Ann, Waite, David Altitude Mountain Sickness; Fires; Lawsuits; Mauna Kea; Subaru Telescope; Telescope construction Akiyama

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