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Back from the brink Glick, Daniel Endangered Species Act of 1973; Endangered species recovery; Loxioides bailleui; Palila Periodicals
Bad science Serafin, Peter Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea controversy; Motion pictures Mauna Kea reviews Periodicals
Bait preference by the Argentine ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii Krushelnycky, Paul, Reimer, Neil Ants control; Argentine ant; Haleakala National Park; Invasive ants; Linepithema humile Periodicals
Barn owls prey on birds in Hawaii Byrd, G. Vernon, Telfer, Thomas C. Birds of prey; Owls; Predation Periodicals
Barriers to shrub reestablishment following fire in the seasonal submontane zone of Hawaii Hughes, Flint, Vitousek, Peter M. Fire ecology; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Periodicals
Basic protocol at Hawaiian sacred places Cayan, Phyllis Coochie Hawaii social life and customs; Sacred sites Monographs
Behavior fit for a prince Carroll, Rick Dedications; James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT); Prince Philip Akiyama
Behavioral and ecological correlates of interference competition among some Hawaiian Drepaidinae Carothers, J. H. Birds Maui; Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
Behavioral ecology of juvenile palila (Loxioides bailleui) : foraging development, social dynamics, and helping behavior Miller, Linda Joyce Endangered species birds; Loxioides bailleui; Palila Monographs
Behaviour of petrels in relation to the Moon and artificial lights Imber, M. J. Artificial night lighting; Petrels Periodicals
Berkeley astronomers want to put telescope on new Mauna Kea site Tao, Gene 10-m telescope; Astronomy; Mauna Kea; Telescopes; University of California Berkeley; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Berkeley students scientific treat - address on physical features of Hawaiian Islands, Mauna Kea and Mount Shasta Lyons, Albert Brown Geology Hawaii; Volcanoes
Best management practices for the civil construction package Thirty Meter Telescope, Telescope construction; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) EIS
Between the Earth and the Sky Ruiz, Sarah Mauna Kea - Controversy; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Monographs
Beyond Hubble: a new crop of bigger, sharper, smarter telescopes is revolutionizing astronomy Lemonick, Michael D. Astronomy; Gemini Observatory; Keck Observatory; Mauna Kea Observatories; Subaru Telescope Periodicals
Big air on Mauna Kea Aeder, Kirk Lee Recreation areas Mauna Kea; Snow and snowfall Hawaii Island; Snowboarding Mauna Kea Periodicals
Big Eye on the universe Berman, Bob. Astronomical observatories; Astronomy research; Crab nebula; Nebulae; Telescopes Periodicals
Big glass and the age of new astronomy: the fight to put a monster telescope on Mauna Kea is part of a bigger war looming among astronomers Hollier, Dennis Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Periodicals
Big high-tech park at UHH forecast Clark, Hugh UHH Research and Technology Park; University of Hawaii at Hilo Akiyama
Big Island leaders starting new year with optimism Clark, Hugh Big Island economy; Saddle Road Akiyama
Big Island summits crowned with snow Clark, Hugh Mauna Kea weather; Snow Akiyama
Big Island to get super scope? Kaser, Tom Mauna Kea; Telescopes; University of California; University of Hawaii; W.M. Keck Observatory Akiyama
Big Island’s economy crumbling, Hitch says Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Big Island economy; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Big Isle astronomy boom seen Clark, Hugh Astronomy; Big Island; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Big Isle blizzard country Kinoshita, Kyle Mauna Kea blizzard; Photographs; Snow Akiyama

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