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Lake Waiau Valentine, Karen Hawaiian goddesses; Lake Waiau; Lake Waiau photographs Periodicals
Lake Waiau : a study of a tropical alpine lake, past and present Massey, Jane Ellen Diatoms Lake Waiau; Primary productivity (Biology) Lake Waiau Monographs
Lake Waiau of Hawaii Bryan, L.W. Civilian Conservation Corps; Hale Pohaku; Lake Waiau Periodicals
Lake Waiau, near summit of Mauna Kea Daingerfield, R.L. Lake Waiau photographs Periodicals
Lake Waiau: past and present Massey, Jane Diatoms Lake Waiau; Lake Waiau Periodicals
Lakes and lake-like waters of the Hawaiian Archipelago Maciolek, John A., Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, Lake Waiau; Limnology Monographs
Land Authorizations for Long-Term Continuation of Astronomy on Maunakea - Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) University of Hawaii, Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea Management; Land use Mauna Kea; Mauna Kea Management Plan; Mauna Kea Science Reserve EIS
Land Board approval before contested case is issue in appeals of two telescope permits n/a Board of Land and Natural Resources; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Periodicals
Land board approves emergency rules for Mauna Kea n/a Board of Land and Natural Resources; Mauna Kea; Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)
Land Board rejects TMT contested cases n/a Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Periodicals
Land matters in Hawaii. - No. 1 Lyons, Curtis J. Land use Periodicals
Land matters in Hawaii. – No. 2 Lyons, Curtis J. Land use Mauna Kea Periodicals
Land protection plan and environmental assessment for the proposed additions to Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,, Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge Monographs
Landscape ecology of Metrosideros dieback Akashi, Yoshiko Forests and forestry Hawaii Island; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia dieback Hawaii Island; Ohia-lehua ecology Monographs
Large telescopes and the moral economy of recent astronomy McCray, W. Patrick Astronomical observatories; Astronomy Economic aspects; Gemini Observatory Periodicals
Laser beacons on Mauna Kea: background articles for the Board of the Office of Mauna Kea Management Chaffee, Fred, Mountain, Matt Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea management; Laser guide star adaptive optics Monographs
Last chance Williams, Ted Birds conservation; Mouflon; Palila; endangered species Periodicals
Late Pleistocene eolian sediments related to pyroclastic eruptions of Mauna Kea volcano, Hawaii Porter, Stephen C. K-Ar dating; Mauna Kea volcano; Potassium-argon dating; Radioactive dating; Sediments; Uranium-series method; Uranium-thorium dating Periodicals
Late quaternary geomagnetic secular variation from historical and (super 14) C-dated lava flows on Hawaii Hagstrum, Jonathan T., Champion, Duane E. Geology Mauna Kea; Geomagnetism secular variations; Lake Waiau Periodicals
Late quaternary glaciation and tephrochronology of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Porter, Stephen C. Glaciation; Lake Waiau; Mauna Kea volcano; Sediments Periodicals
Latest 'scope won't be the last, UH officials say: The Sierra Club continues its plea for care in planning Dayton, Kevin Institute for Astronomy (IfA); Mauna Kea Management Plan; Sierra Club Akiyama
Lava Bomb from atop Puu Poliahu, Mauna Kea, Island of Hawaii, U.S.A. Akiyama, Mitsuo Island of Hawaii; Lava Bombs; Mauna Kea; Puu Poliahu Akiyama
Lavas of Hawaii and their relations: Mauna Kea Cross, Whitman Geology Mauna Kea; Lava; Lava analysis; Mauna Kea; Rocks igneous Monographs
Lead isotopes reveal bilateral asymmetry and vertical continuity in the Hawaiian mantle plume Abouchami, W., Hofmann, A.W., Galer, S.J.G., Frey, F.A., Eisele, J., Feigenson, M. Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Hawaiian plume; Isotopes; Kilauea Volcano; Mantle plumes; Mauna Kea volcano Periodicals
Leaf anatomy and ontogeny in Argyroxiphium and Wilkesia (Compositae) Carlquist, Sherwin Argyroxiphium sandwicense; Silverswords Periodicals

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