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Radar study of seabirds and bats on windward Hawaii Reynolds, Michelle H., Cooper, Brian A., Day, Robert H. Hawaiian hoary bat; Petrals; Shearwaters Periodicals
Radio telescope planned for summit Tao, Gene Caltech Submillimeter telescope; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Radiocarbon dates for lava flows from northeast rift zone of Mauna Loa volcano, Hilo 7 1/2' quadrangle, Island of Hawaii Buchanan-Banks, J. M., Lockwood, J.P., Rubin, Meyer Lava flows; Mauna Loa volcano; Radioactive dating Periodicals
Radiocarbon dates from the Hawaiian Islands - a compilation Kelley, M. Lea Quaternary; Radiocarbon dating; Volcanoes Monographs
Radium in rocks: III. The radium content of Hawaiian lavas Piggot, Charles Snowden Lava analysis; Volcanoes Hawaii Island Periodicals
Raindrop size-distribution in Hawaiian rains Blanchard, Duncan C Precipitation Mauna Kea; Rain and rainfall research Periodicals
Range, habitat, and ecology of the wekiu bug (Nysius Wekiuicola), a rare insect species unique to Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island, Final report Englund, R. A., Polhemus, Dan A., Howarth, Francis G., Montgomery, S.L. Nysius wekiuicola; Wekiu bug Monographs
Ranger Moon Shot is Off Indefinitely Moon probe; Ranger 6 Akiyama
Rapid decline of Lake Waiau continues Dawson, Teresa Climate; Drought; Lake Waiau; Lake Waiau photographs Periodicals
Rapid helium isotopic variability in Mauna Kea shield lavas from the Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project Kurz, Mark D., Curtice, Joshua, Lott, Dempsey Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project; Helium; Isotopes; Shield volcanoes Periodicals
Rapid ohia death (Ceratocystis wilt of ohia) Friday, James B., Keith, Lisa, Hughes, Flint Fungi Hawaii; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia Monographs
Rare and endangered species of Hawaiian vascular plants Fosberg, F. R., Herbst, Derral Endangered plants; Rare plants Monographs
Rare and unusual plants: Island of Hawaii Delay, John, Merlin, Mark, Juvik, James O., Perry, Lyman, Castillo, J. Michael Climate; Endangered plants Hawaii Island; Hawaii Island ecology; Rare plants Hawaii Island Monographs
Rare earth elements in soils from selected areas of the island of Hawaii Barnard, Walther M., Halbig, Joseph B. Kawaihae; Kohala; Mauna Kea; Mauna Loa; Rare earth elements; Soils analysis Periodicals
Rare plants of Pohakuloa Training Area, Hawaii Shaw, Robert Blaine Plants Hawaii Island; Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA); Rare plants Hawaii Island Monographs
Raw sewage and solid waste dumps in lava tube caves of Hawaii Island Halliday, William R. Kaumana Cave; Lava tubes; Speleology Periodicals
Re-analysis of ground-based microwave ClO measurements from Mauna Kea, 1992 to early 2012 Connor, Brian J., Mooney, Thomas, Nedoluha, Gerald E., Barrett, James, Parrish, Alan, Koda, Jin, Santee, Michelle L., Gomez, R. Michael Chlorine monoxide (ClO); Mauna Kea; Stratospheric ozone Periodicals
Re: proposed Mauna Kea Management Plan, April 11, 2008 hearing and comments Pisciotta, Kealoha, Mauna Kea Anaina Hou Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea controversy; Mauna Kea Science Reserve management; Sacred sites Monographs
RE: Request for comments on the Mauna Kea comprehensive management plan Namuo, Clyde W., Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan; Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA); Testimony EIS
RE: Request for comments on the Mauna Kea comprehensive management plan: UH management areas - Draft environmental assessment Namuo, Clyde W., Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan; Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA); Testimony EIS
Reaching for the Stars Penisten, John Astronomy; Mauna Kea Akiyama
Reaching for the stars: astronomy's lifting impact on Hawaii n/a Astronomical observatories social aspects Mauna Kea; Astronomy economic aspects Periodicals
Reaching for the stars: international dignitaries including Japan's Princess Sayako flock to summit of Mauna Kea to dedicate the $300 million Subaru Telescope. Armstrong, Jason Dedications; Subaru Telescope Akiyama
Real winter in the tropics Forbes, Merlyn D. Mauna Kea description and travel Periodicals
Reasons why the palila, a Hawaiian honeycreeper, is rare and endangered: analysis of a breeding biology Van Riper, Charles III Birds monitoring palila; Breeding biology; Palila; Psittirostra bailleui Periodicals

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