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Valuations and images of Hawaiian forests: a historical perspective Juvik, Sonia P., Juvik, James O. Forest ecology; Forests and forestry research; Hawaii social life and customs Monographs
Variable altitude muon detection and angular dependence of cosmic ray muon flux Pipes, Robert M. Cosmic rays; Mauna Kea; Muons; Saddle Road Monographs
Variable altitude muon detection and energy dependence of cosmic ray muons McNichols, Andrew T. Cosmic rays; Mauna Kea; Muons; Saddle Road Monographs
Variation in male plumage and behavior of the Hawaii akepa Lepson, Jaan K., Freed, Leonard A. Endangered species birds; Hawaii Akepa; Loxops coccineus Periodicals
Variation in the impact of exotic grasses on native plant composition in relation to fire across an elevation gradient in Hawaii D'Antonio, Carla M., Tunison, J.Timothy, Loh, Rhonda K. Alien species; Fire ecology; Fire management; Grasses; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Introduced species Periodicals
Variation in the tissue water relations of two sympatric Hawaiian Dubautia species and their natural hybrid Robichaux, Robert H. Dubautia Periodicals
Vector movement underlies avian malaria at upper elevation in Hawaii: implications for transmission of human malaria Freed, Leonard A., Cann, Rebecca L. Avian malaria; Birds Hawaii Island; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Mosquito vector; Plasmodium relictum Periodicals
Vegetation changes in a subalpine grassland in Hawaii following disturbance by feral pigs Jacobi, James D. Endangered species Maui; Feral ungulates; Grassland ecology Haleakala; Haleakala National Park Monographs
Vegetation maps of the upland plant communities on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, and Lanai Jacobi, James D. Plants Hawaii Island; Plants Lanai; Plants Maui; Plants Molokai Monographs
Vegetation of Hawaiian lava flows MacCaughey, Vaughn Lava flows; Soil development; Vegetation surveys Periodicals
Vegetation of Lake Waiau, Hawaii Neal, Marie C. Diatoms Lake Waiau; Lake Waiau; Plants Mauna Kea Periodicals
Vegetation zones of Hawaii Ripperton, J. C., Hosaka, Edward Yataro Crop zones; Crops and climate; Forage plants; Grasses; Plant ecology Monographs
Vegetation zones of the Hawaiian Islands Cuddihy, Linda W. Plant communities Hawaii Island; Plant ecology Monographs
Vegetative anatomy of Dubautia, Argyroxiphium, and Wilkesia (Compositae) Carlquist, Sherwin J. Argyroxiphium; Dubautia; Silverswords Periodicals
Vertebrata : Aves Perkins, R.C.L. Birds Hawaii Islands Monographs
Very High tech Clark, Hugh Base facilities; Joint Astronomy Centre (JAC); Photographs; United Kingdom Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) Akiyama
Very low-temperature alteration of sideromelane in hyaloclastites and hyalotuffs from Kilauea and Mauna Kea volcanoes: implications for the mechanism of palagonite formation Drief, Ahmed, Schiffman, Peter Electron microscopes; Kilauea Volcano; Mauna Kea volcano; Palagonite Periodicals
View from the top Steele, Julia Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea; Astronomy research Periodicals
View from the top Panis, Cliff Mauna Kea; Photographs; Snow Akiyama
Viewing the heavens Hawaii Electric Light Company, Hawaii Electric Light Company; Keck Observatory Akiyama
Visible and near-IR for aqueous alteration products (Palagonte, Phyllosilicates, Sulfates) of basaltic tephra on Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii Morris, R. V., Hamilton, V.E., Gruener, J.E., Ming, D.W., Mertzman, S. Basalt; Mauna Kea Monographs
Visions of Mauna Kea Grossman, Hugh R., Young, Estelle Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea; Hawaii Island pictorial works; Mauna Kea description and travel Monographs
Visitor Information, Onizuka Center for International Astronomy and Mauna Kea harzards Institute for Astronomy Institute for Astronomy; Mauna Kea harzards; Onizuka Center Akiyama
Visitors on many missions trek to towering peak Perala, Andrew Media coverage; Na Kilo Hoku o Mauna Kea Akiyama
Visual system effects of exercise on Mauna Kea at 2,200 and 4,200 meters altitude Schmeisser, Elmar T., Gagliano, Donald L. Altitude mountain sickness (AMS); Exercise Periodicals

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