Entomologists discover new life

Author: Gagne, Wayne C.
Howarth, Francis G.
Title: Entomologists discover new life
Periodical: Ka Elele Bishop Museum Newsletter
Year: 1982
Volume: 9
Pages: 1,6
Subject: Wekiu bug
Nysius wekiuicola
Insects alpine climate
Aeolian ecosystems
Summary: The discovery by Bishop Museum Entomologist Francis G. Howarth and research associates Steven L. Montgomery and William P. Mull of an aeolian ecosystem on Mauna Kea was surprising given the relative youth of the mountain and its isolation from similar aeolian ecosystems on the continents. At least four (4) species of arthropods have been discovered that exploit this habitat; and, although the systematic studies on them have not yet been completed, they appear to have close relatives among the native terrestrial fauna. The most remarkable species discovered was a highly evolved, long-legged black, nearly wingless true bug, the wekiu bug. This aeolian species feeds only on the dead and moribund arthropods chilled by the cold.
Label: Insects - Wekiu
Date: 1982
Database: Periodicals

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