A day among the Akiapolaau at Mauna Kea

Author: n/a
Title: A day among the Akiapolaau at Mauna Kea
Periodical: Membership Newsletter, Nature Conservancy
Year: 1992
Pages: 11, 15
Subject: Akiapolaau
Hemignathus munroi
Endangered species birds
Summary: The purpose of this study was to determine whether the akiapolaau lives a wandering, sedentary, or territorial lifestyle in accordance with its insect-feeding habits and to determine how large an area of woodland they defend and which vegetation types best suit the breeding pairs. This research was done in the mamane woodland on the island of Hawaii from a cinder cone that is located behind the Kanakaleonui camp on Mauna Kea. This was done in the hope that the survival of Hawaii's forest birds will improve as the knowledge of about them increases.
Label: Birds - Akiapolaau
Date: Winter 1992
Database: Periodicals

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