Effect of substrate on germination success for two common trees found in a Hawaiian wildlife refuge

Author: Cordes, H. Casey
Title: Effect of substrate on germination success for two common trees found in a Hawaiian wildlife refuge
Periodical: Journal of the Tropical Resources Institute
Year: 1997
Volume: 16
Pages: p.25-27
Subject: Acacia koa
Metrosideros polymorpha
Sophora Chrysophylla
Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge
Birds habitat
Summary: More than 95 percent of all native birds and insects are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. However, they are also some of the most threatened in the United States in that only one in ten birds exist at healthy population levels due to competition from introduced species and habitat destruction. As a result, a focus of conservation efforts to restore the natural habitat for these species, especially with regard to the restoration of the Koa-Ohia (Acacia koa and Metrosideros polymorpha) forest, is essential as this forest provides the most promising habitat for endangered forest birds. The Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge has the highest densities of three endangered bird species including the Akiapolaau (Hemignathus monroi), the Hawaiian creeper (Oreomystis mana), and the Akepa (Loxops coccineus coccineus). In addition, upper portions of the refuge are largely free of the mosquitoes that carry avian pox and malaria due to its elevation. However, due to the effects of discontinued ranching, abandoned pastures are poor habitat for both the seeds and seedlings of many native trees upon which the birds depend. As a result, a study was done in an effort to identify seed bed preferences for four common species of trees and this article presents the results of two of the species that were used in this study -- the Ohia (Metrosideros polymorpha) and the Mamane (Sophora chrysophylla).
Label: Botany - Mamane
URL: http://environment.yale.edu/tri//uploads/TRI%20bulletin%201997.pdf
Date: 1997
Database: Periodicals

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