Phenology of Acacia Koa on Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Author: Lanner, Ronald M.
Title: Phenology of Acacia Koa on Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Periodical: U.S. Forest Service Research Note PSW- 89
Year: 1965
Pages: 10p.
Subject: Acacia koa
Mauna Loa
Summary: Flowering of koa was strongly seasonal on the Mauna Loa Strip. At 4,000 feet heavy flowering began in early December and lasted until early March. At 6,700 feet it extended from early March until mid-May. Heaviest flower losses occurred during anthesis, and were due to wind, rain, and possibly the dropping of unpollinated heads. Large insects were important as pollinators. Shoot growth was cyclic, being most rapid from April to August, and much slower from September to March, or April.
Database: Monographs

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