Palila restoration research, 1996-2012

Author: Banko, Paul C.
Farmer, Chris
Title: Palila restoration research, 1996-2012
Periodical: Hawaii Cooperative Studies Unit Technical Report
Year: 2014
Pages: 493
Subject: Palila
Loxioides bailleui
Endangered species birds
Restoration ecology
Summary: This final report summarizes results of Palila Restoration Project research from December 1996 to December 2012. Even though some results contained in this report have been published in scientific journals and other technical reports (Appendix I), they are included here to provide a comprehensive chronicle of all project activities. The main objectives of the Palila Restoration Project were to develop techniques for reintroducing the palila to a portion of its former range, investigate the biological threats to the palila and its habitat, and synthesize the existing body of ecological knowledge concerning the palila.
Date: October 2014
Database: Monographs

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