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1913 "The Great Central Plain", "The Upper Forest Region", "Sophora L." Rock, Joseph Francis Charles Acacia koa; Ahinahina; Ohia; Plants Hawaii Island; Plants Mauna Kea; Plants Mauna Loa; Silverswords Monographs
1919 The arborescent indigenous legumes of Hawaii Rock, Joseph Francis Charles Acacia koa; Sophora chrysophylla; mamane Monographs
1943 The effect of cattle grazing on koa reproduction in Hawaii Volcano National Park Baldwin, Paul H., Fagerlund, Gunnar O. Acacia koa; Cattle; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Koa; Mauna Loa Periodicals
1965 Phenology of Acacia Koa on Mauna Loa, Hawaii Lanner, Ronald M. Acacia koa; Mauna Loa Monographs
1970 Island record for P. uncatoides: Hawaii, 5400 H. Mauna Loa strip, July 31, 1970 Davis, C., Kawamura, K. Acacia koa; Mauna Loa; Psylla uncatoides Monographs
1973 Phenology and growth of Hawaiian plants, a preliminary report Lamoureux, Charles H. Acacia koa; Plant phenology; Plants; Sophora chrysophylla Monographs
1973 Some findings on vegetative and sexual reproduction of koa Spatz, Gunter Acacia Koa; Mauna Loa; Trees Hawaii Island Monographs
1973 Some aspects of island ecosystems analysis: a preliminary conceptual synthesis Mueller-Dombois, D. Acacia koa; Ecology; Metrosideros collina Monographs
1974 Stand structure of a montane rain forest on Mauna Loa, Hawaii Cooray, Ranjit G. Acacia koa; Forest ecology Hawaii Island; Mauna Loa; Plants Hawaii Island; Rain forests Hawaii Island Monographs
1976 Disturbance during logging stimulates regeneration of koa Scowcroft, Paul G., Nelson, Robert E. Acacia koa; Natural regeneration; Surface disturbances Monographs
1976 The biological control of Psylla uncatoides (Ferris & Klyver) (Homoptera Psyllidae) on Hawaii Leeper, John R., Beardsley, J.W. Acacia koa; Acacia psyllid; biological pest control Periodicals
1976 Reproduction of Acacia koa after fire Scowcroft, Paul G., Wood, Hulton B. Acacia koa; Fire Ecology; Koa; Wildfires Periodicals
1979 Canopy-associated arthropods in acacia koa and metrosideros tree communities along an altitudinal transect on Hawaii Island Gagne, Wayne C. Acacia koa; Insects; Metrosideros collina Periodicals
1979 Heart and root rot fungi associated with deterioration of acacia koa on the island of Hawaii Bega, Robert V. Acacia koa; Koa; Koa diseases and pests Periodicals
1980 Canopy structure in the ohia decline zone of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii Adee, Ken Acacia koa; Koa; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia; Ohia-lehua ecology Monographs
1981 Understanding Hawaiian forest Ecosystems : the key to biological conservation Mueller-Dumbois, D. Acacia koa; Forest ecology; Forests and forestry; Koa; Metrosideros collina; Ohia Monographs
1983 The biology, host range, parasites, and hyperparasites of koa seed insects in Hawaii: a review Stein, John D. Acacia koa; Koa; Koa diseases and pests Periodicals
1985 An assessment of the current status of native upland habitats and associated endangered species on the island of Hawaii Jacobi, James D., Scott, J. Michael Acacia koa; Endangered species; Trees Hawaii Island Monographs
1986 Fine litterfall and leaf decomposition in a montane koa-ohia rain forest Scowcroft, Paul G. Acacia koa; Biology congresses; Ecology; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park congresses; Natural history congresses Monographs
1993 Mycorrhizal dependency of two Hawaiian endemic tree species: koa and mamane Miyasaka, S.C., Habte, M., Matsuyama, D.T. Acacia koa; Fungi Hawaii; Mamane; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
1997 Effect of substrate on germination success for two common trees found in a Hawaiian wildlife refuge Cordes, H. Casey Acacia koa; Birds habitat; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Mamane; Metrosideros polymorpha; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
1999 Water supply regulates structure, productivity, and water use efficiency of Acacia koa forest in Hawaii Ares, A., Fownes, J.H. Acacia koa; Carbon isotopes; Forest productivity; Forests and forestry Hawaii Island; Koa; Water supply Periodicals
1999 Potential significance of frost, topographic relief, and acacia koa stands to restoration of mesic Hawaiian forests on abandoned rangeland Scowcroft, Paul G., Jeffrey, Jack Acacia koa; Frost damage; Montane tropical forest; Nurse crop; Reforestation Periodicals
2000 Moderating night radiative cooling reduces frost damage to Metrosideros polymorpha seedlings used for forest restoration in Hawaii Scowcroft, Paul G., Meinzer, Frederick C., Goldstein, Guillermo, Melcher, Peter J., Jeffrey, Jack Acacia koa; El Nino; Frost damage; Nurse tree; Reforestation Periodicals
2001 Significance of old-growth forests to the Hawaii Akepa Freed, Leonard A. Acacia koa; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Hawaii Akepa; Loxops coccineus Monographs
2002 Aquatic organism study for the Koa Timber Commercial Forestry Operation, South Hilo District, County of Hawaii Englund, R.A., Preston, D.J., Samuelson, G.A., Arakaki, K., Evenhuis, N.L. Acacia koa; Forest ecology; Mauna Kea Monographs
2004 Ecology of an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper and implications for conservation on private land Pejchar, Liba Acacia koa; Akiapolaau; Drepanididae; Endangered species; Hemignathus munroi; Wildlife management Monographs
2005 Hawaiian honeycreeper home range size varies with habitat: implications for native acacia koa forestry Pejchar, Liba, Holl, Karen D., Lockwood, Julie L. Acacia koa; Akiapolaau; Foraging behavior; Forests and forestry; Habitat conservation; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi; Home range; Old-growth forest conservation; Reforestation; Territoriality (zoology) Periodicals
2006 The major features of an infestation by the invasive weed legume gorse (Ulex europaeus) on volcanic soils in Hawaii Leary, J.K., Hue, N.V., Singleton, P.W., Borthakur, D. Acacia koa; Bradyrhizobium; Gorse; Invasive weeds; Kikuyu grass; Pennesitum clandestinum; Ulex europaeus Periodicals
2006 Limitations to seedling establishment in a mesic Hawaiian forest Denslow, Julie S., Uowolo, Amanda L. , Hughes, R. Flint Acacia koa; Grasses; Invasive species; Metrosideros polymorpha Periodicals
2007 Diversity and distribution of indigenous bradyrhizobia populations associated with Acacia koa in Hawaii Leary, James John Kalani Acacia koa; Bradyrhizobium; Legumes; Soils nitrogen content Monographs
2008 Responses of native and invasive plant species to selective logging in an Acacia koa-Metrosideros polymorpha forest in Hawaii Friday, James B., Scowcroft, Paul G., Ares, Adrian Acacia koa; Forests and forestry research; Fraxinus uhdei; Introduced species; Invasive plants; Tropical ash Periodicals
2011 Hawaiian forest bird conservation and koa (acacia koa) forestry on Hawaii island Strommer, Laurie E. Acacia koa; Forest birds; Forest ecology Hawaii Island; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Restoration ecology Monographs
2017 Facilitating adaptation in montane plants to changing precipitation along an elevation gradient Leopold, Christina R., Hess, Steven Acacia koa; Aina Mauna Legacy Program; Climate change; Mamane; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Myoporum sandwicense; Plants Mauna Kea; Sophora chrysophylla Monographs
2017 Linking dominant Hawaiian tree species to understory development in recovering pastures via impacts on soils and litter Yelenik, Stephanie G. Acacia koa; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Koa; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia Periodicals

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