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1969 The breeding season of the Hawaii amakihi Berger, Andrew John Birds breeding; Birds nests; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus virens; Loxops virens Monographs
1969 The nest, eggs, and young of the Elepaio Berger, Andrew J. Birds eggs; Birds nests; Chasiempis sandwichensis; Elepaio Periodicals
1973 4 June, 1972: 1 egg present!!! Kunichika, Thomas K. Birds breeding; Birds eggs; Birds nests; Palila Periodicals
1975 The use of sheep wool in nest construction by Hawaiian birds Van Riper, Charles III Birds Hawaii Island; Birds nests; Nest building Monographs
1980 An observation of akiapolaau nest construction Sakai, Howard F., Ralph, C. John Akiapolaau; Birds nests; Nest building Periodicals
1987 Nest-site variability in the Akepa and other cavity nesting forest birds on the island of Hawaii Freed, Leonard A., Telecky, Teresa M., Tyler, William A., III, Kjargaard, Maile A. Birds nests; Endangered species birds; Forest birds; Hawaii Akepa; Loxops coccineus; Nest building Periodicals
1993 Eggs, nests, and nesting behavior of Akiapolaau (Drepanidinae) Banko, Paul C., Williams, Julia Akiapolaau; Birds nests; Endangered species birds; Hemignathus munroi Periodicals
2003 Nesting behavior of palila, as assessed from video recordings Laut, Megan E., Banko, Paul C., Gray, Elizabeth M. Birds nests; Loxioides bailleui; Nesting success; Palila Periodicals

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