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1901 An introduction to the study of the Drepanididae, a family of birds peculiar to the Hawaiian Islands Perkins, Robert C.L. Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
1976 Plant-pollinator interactions in Hawaii: Pollination energetics of Metrosideros Collina (Myrtaceae) Carpenter, F. Lynn Competition; Drepanidinae; Forests and forestry; Metrosideros collina; Myrtaceae; Plants reproduction; Pollination Periodicals
1976 Threshold model of feeding territoriality and test with a Hawaiian Honeycreeper Carpenter, F.L., MacMillen, R.E. Birds habitat; Drepanidinae; Foraging behavior; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Iiwi; Territoriality (zoology); Vestiaria coccinea Periodicals
1976 The origin and evolution of the Hawaiian honeycreepers (Drepanididae) Raikow, Robert J. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
1979 The Hawaiian avifauna: biogeographic theory in evolutionary time Juvik, J. O., Austring, A. P. Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
1986 Behavioral and ecological correlates of interference competition among some Hawaiian Drepaidinae Carothers, J. H. Birds Maui; Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
1989 Genetic evidence for the origin and relationships of Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Aves: Fringillidae) Johnson, Ned K., Marten, J. A., Ralph, C. J. Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Island ecology; Phylogenetic inference Periodicals
1991 Estimation of growth and extinction parameters for endangered species Dennis, Brian, Munholland, Patricia L., Scott, J. Michael Drepanidinae; Endangered species birds; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Loxioides bailleui; Palila Periodicals
1994 Ecology of introduced small mammals on western Mauna Kea, Hawaii Amarasekare, Priyanga Drepanidinae; Feral cats; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus virens; Loxioides bailleui; Mammalian predation; Mauna Kea; Mice; Mongooses; Palila; Predatory animals; Rats; Rattus rattus Periodicals
1994 Timing of breeding and molting in six species of Hawaiian honeycreepers Ralph, C. John, Fancy, Steven G. Akiapolaau; Apapane; Breeding; Drepanidinae; Hawaii Akepa; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi; Hemignathus virens; Himatione sanguinea sanguinea; Iiwi; Loxops coccineus; Molting; Oreomystis mana; Vestiaria coccinea Periodicals
2000 Pathogenicity of avian malaria in experimentally-infected Hawaii amakihi Atkinson, Carter T., Dusek, Robert J., Woods, Karen L., Iko, William M. Avian malaria; Drepanidinae; Hemignathus virens; Plasmodium Periodicals
2001 Serological responses and immunity to superinfection with avian malaria in experimentally-infected Hawaii amakihi Atkinson, Carter T., Dusek, Robert J., Lease, Julie K. Avian malaria; Drepanidinae; Hawaii Amakihi; Hemignathus virens Periodicals
2001 Drepanidine movements in relation to food availability in subalpine weedlind on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Hess, Steven, Banko, Paul C., Reynolds, Michelle H., Brenner, Greg J., Laniawe, Leona P., Jacobi, James D. Apapane; Birds food; Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Himatione sanguinea sanguinea; Iiwi; Loxioides bailleui; Mamane; Mauna Kea volcano; Palila; Vestiaria coccinea Monographs
2002 Interactions of climate change with biological invasions and land use in the Hawaiian Islands: modeling the fate of endemic birds using a geographic information system Benning, Tracy L., LaPointe, Dennis, Atkinson, Carter T., Vitousek, Peter M. Alakai Swamp Kauai; Birds ecology; Climate; Drepanidinae; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Hanawi Natural Area Reserve Maui; Hawaiian honeycreepers Periodicals
2004 Natural selection of the major histocompatibility complex (Mhc) in Hawaiian honeycreepers (Drepanidinae) Jarvi, Susan I., Tarr, Cheryl L., McIntosh, Carl E., Atkinson, Carter T., Fleischer, Robert C. Amakihi; Drepanidinae; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Iiwi Periodicals
2006 Facilitating the evolution resistance to avian malaria in Hawaiian birds Kilpatrick, A. Marm Avian malaria; Drepanidinae; Endangered species birds; Rodents control Periodicals

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