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Year Title Author Subject(s) Database
1920 Seismometric investigation of the Hawaiian lava column Jaggar, T.A. Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Geology Hawaii Island; Volcanoes Hawaii Island Periodicals
1974 Volcanic hazards on the Island of Hawaii Mullineaux, Donal R., Peterson, Donald W. Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Geologic hazards; Hazardous geographic environments; Volcanic hazard analysis; Volcanoes Monographs
1977 Seismometric data Nielsen, N. Norby, Furumoto, Augustine S., Lum, Walter, Morrill, B.J. Earthquakes Hawaii Island Monographs
1979 A large deep Hawaiian earthquake - the Honomu, Hawaii event of April 26, 1973 Unger, John D., Ward, Peter L. Earthquakes Hawaii Island Periodicals
1982 The 1973 Hawaii earthquake: a double earthquake beneath the volcano Mauna Kea Butler, Rhett Earthquakes Mauna Kea Periodicals
1985 A study of microseismic and man-made vibrations on Mauna Kea, preliminary report Dyck, H. M., Berg, E., Harris, D. Earthquakes Mauna Kea; site survey Monographs
1990 Volcanic and seismic hazards on the island of Hawaii Heliker, C. C., Geological Survey (U.S.), Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Kilauea Volcano; Mauna Loa; Volcanoes Hawaii Island Monographs
1998 Paleomagnetic data from basaltic lava flows of the northeast rift zone of Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii Champion, Duane E., Lockwood, John P. Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Kilauea Volcano; Lava analysis; Mauna Kea; Mauna Loa; Volcanic hazard analysis; Volcanoes Hawaii Island Monographs
2003 Relocation of seismicity preceding the 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii: Delineation of a possible failed rift Baher, Shirley, Thurber, Clifford, Roberts, Kyle, Rowe, Charlotte Data processing; Earthquakes; Focal mechanisms; Mauna Loa; Swarms; Volcanoes Periodicals
2007 DES telescope earthquake loading Woods, Robert J. Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Telescopes Monographs
2008 Seismic hazard: analysis and design of large ground based telescopes Kan, Frank W., Antebi, Joseph Earthquakes Hawaii Island; Telescopes Monographs

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