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1976 Threshold model of feeding territoriality and test with a Hawaiian Honeycreeper Carpenter, F.L., MacMillen, R.E. Birds habitat; Drepanidinae; Foraging behavior; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Iiwi; Territoriality (zoology); Vestiaria coccinea Periodicals
1978 Systematic foraging by a nectar-feeding bird, the Amakihi (Loxop virens) Kamil, Alan C. Amakihi; Foraging behavior; Loxops virens Periodicals
1982 Foraging behavior of a vertebrate omnivore (Rattus Rattus): meal structure, sampling, and diet breadth Clark, Deborah A. Foraging behavior; Galapagos; Nutrition; Rats; Rattus rattus Periodicals
1982 Within-territory division of foraging space by male and female Amakihi (Loxops Virens) Kamil, Alan C., Van Riper, Charles III Amakihi; Foraging behavior; Loxops virens; Mamane Periodicals
1982 Distribution and foraging habits of dark-rumped petrel (pterodroma phaeopygia) in the eastern tropical pacific Pitman, Robert L. Foraging behavior; Hawaiian Dark-rumped Petrel Periodicals
1982 Foraging behavior of forest birds: the relationships among search tactics, diet, and habitat structure Robinson, Scott K., Holmes, Richard T. Birds food; Diet; Foraging behavior; Forest birds; Vegetation structure Periodicals
1984 Effects of plant species and foliage structure on the foraging behavior of forest birds Robinson, Scott K., Holmes, Richard T. Foraging behavior Periodicals
2002 Seed chemistry of Sophora chrysophylla (mamane) in relation to diet of specialist avian seed predator Loxiodes bailleui (palila) in Hawaii Banko, Paul C., Cipollini, M.L., Breton, G.W., Paulk, E., Wink, M., Izhaki, I. Birds food; Cydia; Cydia; Endangered species birds; Foraging behavior; Loxioides bailleui; Mamane; Moths; Palila; Sophora chrysophylla Periodicals
2003 Structure and dynamics of mixed-species flocks in a Hawaiian rain forest Hart, Patrick J., Freed, Leonard A. Endangered species birds; Foraging behavior; Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Hawaii Akepa; Hawaii Creeper; Loxops coccineus Periodicals
2005 Hawaiian honeycreeper home range size varies with habitat: implications for native acacia koa forestry Pejchar, Liba, Holl, Karen D., Lockwood, Julie L. Acacia koa; Akiapolaau; Foraging behavior; Forests and forestry; Habitat conservation; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi; Home range; Old-growth forest conservation; Reforestation; Territoriality (zoology) Periodicals

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