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1979 Canopy-associated arthropods in acacia koa and metrosideros tree communities along an altitudinal transect on Hawaii Island Gagne, Wayne C. Acacia koa; Insects; Metrosideros collina Periodicals
1982 Entomologists discover new life Gagne, Wayne C., Howarth, Francis G. Aeolian ecosystems; Insects alpine climate; Nysius wekiuicola; Wekiu bug Periodicals
1983 A remarkable new micropterous Nysius species from the aeolian zone of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) Ashlock, Peter D., Gagne, Wayne C. Aeolian ecosystems; Insects Mauna Kea; Insects alpine climate; Nysius wekiuicola; Puu Wekiu; Wekiu bug Periodicals

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