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1994 Genetic structure and mating system in the palila, an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper, as assessed by DNA fingerprinting Fleischer, R.C., Tarr, C.L., Pratt, T.K. Endangered species birds; Genetics; Kanakaleonui; Loxioides bailleui; Palila; Puu Laau; Translocation Periodicals
1997 Status and management of the Palila, an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper, 1987-1996 Pratt, Thane K., Banko, Paul C., Fancy, Steven G., Lindsey, Gerald D., Jacobi, James D. Birds counting; Birds diseases; Birds food; Birds monitoring palila; Endangered Species; Feral ungulates; Genetics; Loxioides bailleui; Mamane; Mammalian Predation; Palila; Sophora chrysophylla; Translocation Periodicals
1999 Fragmentation and genetic differentiation among subpopulations of the endangered Hawaiian mint Haplostachys haplostachya (Lamiaceae) Morden, C. W., Loeffler, W. Endangered plants; Genetics; Hawaiian mints Periodicals
2003 Plant ecotypes: genetic differentiation in the age of ecological restoration Hufford, Kristina M., Mazer, Susan J. Genetics; Restoration ecology Periodicals
2004 The Hawaiian Archipelago: a microbial diversity hotspot Donachie, S. P., Hou, S., Lee, K.S., Riley, C.W., Pikina, A., Belisle, C. , Kempe, S., Gregory, T.S., Bossuyt, A., Boerema, J., Liu, J., Freitas, T.A., Malahoff, A., Alam, M. Biotic communities; Genetics; Lake Waiau Periodicals
2007 Using population genetic tools to develop a control strategy for feral cats (Felis catus) in Hawaii Hansen, Heidi, Hess, Steven C., Cole, David, Banko, P. C. Felis catus; Feral cats; Mauna Kea; Population genetics Periodicals
2008 Genetic characterization of Hawaiian isolates of Plasmodium relictum reveals mixed-genotype infections Jarvi, Susan I., Farias, Margaret E. M., Atkinson, Carter T. Avian malaria; Birds diseases; Genetics; Plasmodium relictum Periodicals
2009 Evolution of microsatellite loci in the adaptive radiation of Hawaiian honeycreepers Eggert, Lori S., Beadell, Jon S., McClung, Andrew, McIntosh, Carl E., Fleischer, Robert C. Apapane; Genetics; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Palila Periodicals
2009 Convergent evolution of 'creepers' in the Hawaiian honeycreeper radiation Reding, Dawn M., Foster, Jeffrey T., James, Helen F., Pratt, H. Douglas, Fleischer, Robert C. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Genetics; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Oreomystis mana Periodicals
2010 The roles of elevation, distance, and phenotype on the neutral genetic structure of Metrosideros polymorpha on east Hawaii Island DeBoer, Nicholas Altitude influence of; Genetics; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia; Ohia-lehua Monographs
2014 Genomic resources for the endangered Hawaiian honeycreepers Callicrate, Taylor, Dikow, Rebecca, Thomas, James W, Mullikin, James C, Jarvis, Erich D, Fleischer, Robert C. Apapane; Endangered species birds; Genetics; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus virens; Iiwi; Palila Periodicals
2016 The influence of captive breeding management on founder representation and inbreeding in the Alala, the Hawaiian crow Hedrick, Philip W., Hoeck, Paquita E. A., Fleischer, Robert C., Farabaugh, Susan, Masuda, Bryce M. Alala; Birds breeding; Corvus hawaiiensis; Genetics; Hawaiian crow Periodicals

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