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Year Title Author Subject(s) Database
1919 Floral aspects of the Hawaiian Islands Hitchcock, A. S. Grasses; Plants Mauna Kea; Silverswords Monographs
1942 Vegetation zones of Hawaii Ripperton, J. C., Hosaka, Edward Yataro Crop zones; Crops and climate; Forage plants; Grasses; Plant ecology Monographs
1994 Effects of non-native grasses on a dry subalpine forest native to Hawaii and a discussion of effects of canopy on understory productivity Williams, Ann C. Alien plants; Grasses; Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla; Subalpine forests Monographs
1997 Control of Pennisetum Setaceum (Forssk.) Chiov. in native Hawaiian dry upland ecosystems Castillo, J. Michael Alien plants control ; Grasses; Grassland ecology Hawaii Island; Introduced species; Invasive species Monographs
1999 Hunters, State stir up legal action over removal of sheep from Mauna Kea Tummons, Patricia Fire Ecology; Goats; Grasses; Hunting; Mamane; Palila; Sheep Mauna Kea Periodicals
2000 Variation in the impact of exotic grasses on native plant composition in relation to fire across an elevation gradient in Hawaii D'Antonio, Carla M., Tunison, J.Timothy, Loh, Rhonda K. Alien species; Fire ecology; Fire management; Grasses; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Introduced species Periodicals
2001 Creation and validation of a custom fuel model representing mature Panicum maximum (Guinea Grass) in Hawaii Beavers, Andrew M. Fire management; Grasses; Military training camps environmental aspects Pohakuloa Monographs
2006 Limitations to seedling establishment in a mesic Hawaiian forest Denslow, Julie S., Uowolo, Amanda L. , Hughes, R. Flint Acacia koa; Grasses; Invasive species; Metrosideros polymorpha Periodicals

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