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1972 Bioenergetics of Hawaiian honeycreepers: the Amakihi (Loxops virens) and the Anianiau (L. parva) Macmillen, Richard E. Birds Hawaii; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Honeycreepers behavior Monographs
1972 Do birds flock in Hawaii, a land without predators? Willis, Edwin O. Birds protection; Honeycreepers Behavior; Mauna Kea; Predation Periodicals
1973 Interactions between Hawaiian honeycreepers and Metrosideros collina on the Island of Hawaii Carpenter, F. Lynn, MacMillen, Richard E. Birds Hawaii Island; Drepanididae; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Honeycreepers behavior; Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia-lehua; Trees Hawaii Island Monographs
1975 Systematic patterns of foraging for nectar by amakihi (Loxops virens) Kamil, Alan C. Birds Hawaii; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Honeycreepers behavior; Loxops virens Monographs
1975 Threshold model of feeding territoriality : a test with an Hawaiian honeycreeper Carpenter, F. Lynn, MacMillen, Richard E. Birds food; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Honeycreepers behavior; Territoriality (zoology) Monographs
1997 Akepa (Loxops coccineus) Lepson, Jaan Kaimanu, Freed, Leonard A. Endangered species birds; Hawaii Akepa; Honeycreepers behavior; Loxops coccineus Monographs

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