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Year Title Author Subject(s) Database
1923 Hilo forest reserve - revised Judd, C.S. Forests and forestry Hawaii Island; Forests and forestry maps Periodicals
1967 Records and maps of forest types in Hawaii Nelson, Robert E., Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station (Berkeley Calif.),, Hawaii. Division of Forestry, Forest ecology; Forests and forestry; Forests and forestry maps Monographs
1973 Atlas of Hawaii University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Geography Maps Hawaii; Statistics Hawaii Monographs
1995 Relationships between rainfall, cloud-water interception, and canopy throughfall in a Hawaiian montane forest Juvik, James O., Nullet, Dennis Forest ecology; Forests and forestry maps; Hydrology; Rain and rainfall Hawaii Island Monographs
2007 Geologic Map of the State of Hawaii Sherrod, David R., Sinton, John M., Watkins, Sarah E., Brunt, Kelly M. Maps Hawaii Monographs

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