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1972 Decline of ohia lehua forests in Hawaii Burgan, Robert E., Nelson, Robert E., Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station (Berkeley Calif.), Forests and forestry; Metrosideros collina; Ohia dieback Hawaii Island; Ohia-lehua Monographs
1973 Some aspects of island ecosystems analysis: a preliminary conceptual synthesis Mueller-Dombois, D. Acacia koa; Ecology; Metrosideros collina Monographs
1973 Root rot of ohia (Metrosideros collina subsp. polymorpha) caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi Kliejunas, J.T., Ko, W.H. Fungi Hawaii; Metrosideros collina; Ohia; Ohia dieback Periodicals
1975 Pollination energetics and foraging strategies in a Metrosideros-honeycreeper association Carpenter, F. Lynn, MacMillen, Richard E. Birds Hawaii Island; Drepanididae; Fertilization of plants; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Metrosideros collina; Ohia-lehua; Trees Hawaii Island Monographs
1975 The occurrence of Pythium vexans in Hawaii and its relation to ohia decline Kliejunas, J.T., Ko, W.H. Fungi Hawaii; Metrosideros collina; Ohia; Ohia dieback Periodicals
1976 Plant-pollinator interactions in Hawaii: Pollination energetics of Metrosideros Collina (Myrtaceae) Carpenter, F. Lynn Competition; Drepanidinae; Forests and forestry; Metrosideros collina; Myrtaceae; Plants reproduction; Pollination Periodicals
1976 Association of phytophthora cinnamomi with ohia decline on the island of Hawaii Kliejunas, J.T., Ko, W.H. Fungi Hawaii; Metrosideros collina; Ohia; Ohia dieback Periodicals
1979 Canopy-associated arthropods in acacia koa and metrosideros tree communities along an altitudinal transect on Hawaii Island Gagne, Wayne C. Acacia koa; Insects; Metrosideros collina Periodicals
1979 Association of Plagithmysus bilineatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and Phytophthora cinnamomi with the decline of ohia-lehua forests on the island of Hawaii Papp, Richard P., Kliejunas, John T., Smith, Richard S. Jr., Scharpf, Robert F. Metrosideros collina; Root fungus; Trees diseases Periodicals
1980 Evening roosting flights of the honeycreepers Himatione sanguinea and Vestiaria coccinea on Hawaii MacMillen, Richard E. Apapane; Honeycreepers; Iiwi; Metrosideros collina Periodicals
1981 Understanding Hawaiian forest Ecosystems : the key to biological conservation Mueller-Dumbois, D. Acacia koa; Forest ecology; Forests and forestry; Koa; Metrosideros collina; Ohia Monographs
1981 Life history and ecology of Plagithmysus bilineatus, an endemic Hawaiian borer associated with Ohia Lehua (Myrtaceae) Papp, Richard P., Samuelson, G. A. Insects; Metrosideros collina; Ohia-lehua Periodicals
1982 Resource use, competition, and resource availability in Hawaiian honeycreepers Pimm, Stuart L., Pimm, June W. Apapane; Competition; Habitat selection; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Hemignathus virens; Himatione sanguinea sanguinea; Iiwi; Mamane; Metrosideros collina; Sophora chrysophylla; Vestiaria coccinea Periodicals

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