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Year Title Author Subject(s) Database
1983 The nest, egg, young, and aspects of the life history of the endangered Hawaii creeper Sakai, Howard F., Johanos, Thea C. Endangered species birds; Hawaii Creeper; Oreomystis mana Periodicals
1994 Timing of breeding and molting in six species of Hawaiian honeycreepers Ralph, C. John, Fancy, Steven G. Akiapolaau; Apapane; Breeding; Drepanidinae; Hawaii Akepa; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Hemignathus munroi; Hemignathus virens; Himatione sanguinea sanguinea; Iiwi; Loxops coccineus; Molting; Oreomystis mana; Vestiaria coccinea Periodicals
2005 Hawaii Creeper Oreomystis mana n/a Endangered species birds; Forest birds; Hawaii Creeper; Oreomystis mana; Wildlife conservation Monographs
2009 Convergent evolution of 'creepers' in the Hawaiian honeycreeper radiation Reding, Dawn M., Foster, Jeffrey T., James, Helen F., Pratt, H. Douglas, Fleischer, Robert C. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Genetics; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Oreomystis mana Periodicals
2013 Females lead population collapse of the endangered Hawaii Creeper Freed, Leonard A., Cann, Rebecca L. Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge; Hawaii Creeper; Introduced birds; Oreomystis mana Periodicals

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