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1977 Some extraordinary observations of endangered forest birds on the Island of Hawaii Pratt, H. Douglas, Berrett, Delwyn C., Bruner, Phillip L. Akiapolaau; Endangered species birds; Hawaii Akepa; Hawaii Creeper; Hemignathus munroi; Loxops coccineus; Loxops maculata mana Periodicals
1979 Field identification of the Hawaiian Creeper on the island of Hawaii Scott, J. Michael, Conant, Sheila, Pratt, H. Douglas Hawaii Akepa; Hawaii Amakihi; Hawaii Creeper; Japanese White-eye Periodicals
1979 A systematic analysis of the endemic avifauna of the Hawaiian Islands Pratt, H. Douglas Avifauna; Birds Hawaii Islands; Elepaio; Hawaiian honeycreepers Monographs
1979 A new subspecies of the Elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis, from the Island of Hawaii Pratt, H. Douglas Champiempis sandwichensis byani; Elepaio Periodicals
1980 Intra-island variation in the elepaio on the island of Hawaii Pratt, H. Douglas Champiempis sandwichensis byani; Elepaio Periodicals
1994 Avifaunal changes in the Hawaiian Islands, 1893-1993 Pratt, H. Douglas Avian malaria; Avifauna; Birds extinction; Feral ungulates; Introduced birds; Mongooses Monographs
2001 The interplay of species concepts, taxonomy, and conservation: lessons from the Hawaiian avifauna Pratt, H. Douglas, Pratt, Thane K. Birds conservation; Species diversity Monographs
2001 Why the Hawaii Creeper is an Oreomystis: what phenotypic characters reveal about the phylogeny of Hawaiian honeycreepers Pratt, H. Douglas Drepanididae; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers Monographs
2005 The Hawaiian honeycreepers: Drepanidinae Pratt, H. Douglas Drepanididae; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Palila Monographs
2009 Convergent evolution of 'creepers' in the Hawaiian honeycreeper radiation Reding, Dawn M., Foster, Jeffrey T., James, Helen F., Pratt, H. Douglas, Fleischer, Robert C. Adaptive radiation (Evolution); Genetics; Hawaii Creeper; Hawaiian honeycreepers; Oreomystis mana Periodicals
2014 A consensus taxonomy for the Hawaiian honeycreepers Pratt, H. Douglas Birds taxonomy; Hawaiian honeycreepers Monographs

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