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1976 Mamane forest decline on Mauna Kea: a reality or myth Scowcroft, Paul G. Mamane; Mamane-naio forest; Mauna Kea Monographs
1976 Disturbance during logging stimulates regeneration of koa Scowcroft, Paul G., Nelson, Robert E. Acacia koa; Natural regeneration; Surface disturbances Monographs
1976 Reproduction of Acacia koa after fire Scowcroft, Paul G., Wood, Hulton B. Acacia koa; Fire Ecology; Koa; Wildfires Periodicals
1978 Direct sowing of treated mamane seeds: an ineffective regeneration technique Scowcroft, Paul G. Mamane; Mamane-naio forest; Plants reproduction; Sophora chrysophylla Monographs
1978 Germination of Sophora chrysophylla increased by presowing treatment Scowcroft, Paul G. Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla Monographs
1981 Regeneration of mamane: effects of seedcoat treatment and sowing depth Scowcroft, Paul G. Mamane; Sophora chrysophylla; Sowing Periodicals
1982 Distribution and germination of mamane seeds Scowcroft, Paul G. Plants Monographs
1983 Feral herbivores suppress mamane and other browse species on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Scowcroft, Paul G., Giffin, Jon G. Fences Mauna Kea; Feral ungulates; Mamane; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
1983 Impact of feral herbivores on mamane forests of Mauna Kea, Hawaii: bark stripping and diameter class structure Scowcroft, Paul G., Sakai, Howard F. Feral ungulates; Mamane; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
1983 Tree cover changes in Mamane (Sophora chrysophylla) forests grazed by sheep and cattle Scowcroft, Paul G. Feral ungulates; Kaohe Game Management Area; Mamane; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
1986 Fine litterfall and leaf decomposition in a montane koa-ohia rain forest Scowcroft, Paul G. Acacia koa; Biology congresses; Ecology; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park congresses; Natural history congresses Monographs
1987 Recovery of goat-damaged vegetation in an insular tropical montane forest Scowcroft, Paul G., Hobdy, Robert Feral goats; Island ecology; Koa; Montane tropical forest Periodicals
1988 Restoring critical habitat for Hawaii's endangered palila by reducing ungulate populations Scowcroft, Paul G., Conrad, C. Eugene Birds habitat; Endangered species birds; Feral sheep control Mauna Kea; Loxioides bailleui; Mamane; Palila Periodicals
1992 Alien and native plant response to release from feral sheep browsing on Mauna Kea Scowcroft, Paul G., Conrad, C. Eugene Alien plants; Feral sheep control Mauna Kea; Native plants; Plant conservation Hawaii Island Monographs
1999 Potential significance of frost, topographic relief, and acacia koa stands to restoration of mesic Hawaiian forests on abandoned rangeland Scowcroft, Paul G., Jeffrey, Jack Acacia koa; Frost damage; Montane tropical forest; Nurse crop; Reforestation Periodicals
2000 Moderating night radiative cooling reduces frost damage to Metrosideros polymorpha seedlings used for forest restoration in Hawaii Scowcroft, Paul G., Meinzer, Frederick C., Goldstein, Guillermo, Melcher, Peter J., Jeffrey, Jack Acacia koa; El Nino; Frost damage; Nurse tree; Reforestation Periodicals
2000 Decomposition of Metrosideros polymorpha leaf litter along elevational gradients in Hawaii Scowcroft, Paul G., Turner, Douglas R., Vitousek, Peter M. Metrosideros polymorpha; Rain forest ecology Hawaii Island Periodicals
2008 Responses of native and invasive plant species to selective logging in an Acacia koa-Metrosideros polymorpha forest in Hawaii Friday, James B., Scowcroft, Paul G., Ares, Adrian Acacia koa; Forests and forestry research; Fraxinus uhdei; Introduced species; Invasive plants; Tropical ash Periodicals
2012 Long-term response of the mamane forest to feral herbivore management on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Reddy, E., van Vuren, D. H., Scowcroft, Paul G., Kauffman, J. B., Perry, L. Alien plants; Feral sheep control Mauna Kea; Mamane; Palila; Sophora Chrysophylla Periodicals
2014 Evaluating the Long-Term Management of Introduced Ungulates to Protect the Palila, an Endangered Bird, and Its Critical Habitat in Subalpine Forest of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Banko, Paul C., Hess, Steven, Scowcroft, Paul G., Farmer, Chris, Jacobi, James D., Stephens, Robert M., Camp, Richard J., Leonard, David, Brinck, Kevin, Juvik, J. O., Juvik, Sonia P. Alien species control; Birds habitat Hawaii Island; Feral ungulates; Mamane; Palila; Sophora chrysophylla Periodicals

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