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1965 Occurrence of Psylla uncatoides on Acacia and Albizia, with notes on control Munro, J. Alex Acacia psyllid; Trees diseases Periodicals
1979 Association of Plagithmysus bilineatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and Phytophthora cinnamomi with the decline of ohia-lehua forests on the island of Hawaii Papp, Richard P., Kliejunas, John T., Smith, Richard S. Jr., Scharpf, Robert F. Metrosideros collina; Root fungus; Trees diseases Periodicals
2010 First report of an Armillaria Root disease pathogen, Armillaria gallica, associated with several new hosts in Hawaii Kim, M. -S., Hanna, J. W., Klopfenstein, N. B. Mamane; Mauna Kea Forest Reserve; Sophora chrysophylla; Trees diseases Periodicals
2015 First report of Ceratocystis Wilt on Ohia (Metrosideros polymorpha) Keith, L. M., Bushe, B. C., Friday, James B. Metrosideros polymorpha; Ohia; Trees diseases Periodicals

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