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1896 To study our climate: Douglass Archibald makes some suggestions n/a Climate; Hualalai; Mauna Kea; Weather Periodicals
1980 Mountain breathing: preliminary studies of air-land interaction on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Woodcock, Alfred H., Friedman, Irving Orographic airflow; Weather forcasting Mauna Kea Monographs
1981 A summary of nine years of weather data from Mauna Kea Observatory Kaufman, James M., Vecchione, Maurizio Mauna Kea weather Monographs
1984 Rock coatings in Hawaii Farr, Tom G., Adams, John B. Basalt; Mauna Kea volcano; Weathering Periodicals
1992 Sustaining health & performance in the cold: environmental medicine guidance for cold-weather operations Young, A. J., Roberts, D.E. , Scott, D.P. , Cook, J.E. , Mays, M.Z. , Askew, E.W. Cold weather operations (Military); Winter warfare Monographs
1993 Medical aspects of cold weather operations: a handbook for medical officers U. S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Cold weather operations (Military); Winter warfare Monographs
1993 NEXRAD may degrade Mauna Kea observatory n/a National Weather Service; Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) Periodicals
1998 Major element fractionation during hydrolytic and sulfuric weathering on Mauna Kea Volcano: implications for weathering on Mars Morris, R. V., Golden, D. C., Allen, Carlton C., Ming, D.W., Mertzman, S., Thompson, D. R. Mars (Planet); Mauna Kea; Weathering Monographs
2002 Starcasting Businger, S., McLaren, R., Ogasawara, R., Simons, D., Wainscoat, R. J. Astronomical observatories Mauna Kea; Telescopes; Weather forcasting Mauna Kea Periodicals
2007 Measurements of water vapor D/H ratios from Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and implications for subtropical humidity dynamics Galewsky, Joseph, Strong, Mel, Sharp, Zachary D. Weather Periodicals
2016 Controls on carbon storage and weathering in volcanic soils across a high-elevation climate gradient on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Kramer, Marc Soil development; Soils Mauna Kea; Volcanic ash, tuff, etc.; Weathering Periodicals

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