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1900 The hybridization of the mouflon with the Hawaiian feral sheep as a management technique Walker, Ronald L. Goats; Mouflon; Sheep; Wildlife management Monographs
1975 Ecology of the feral sheep on Mauna Kea/State of Hawaii Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Game Feral sheep Mauna Kea; Hunting; Sheep Mauna Kea; Wildlife management Monographs
1978 Ecology of the feral pig on the island of Hawaii : final report Giffin, Jon G., Hawaii Division of Fish and Game, Feral swine ecology Hawaii Island; Mammals Hawaii Island ecology; Mammals ecology; Rain forest ecology Hawaii Island; Wildlife management Monographs
2004 Ecology of an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper and implications for conservation on private land Pejchar, Liba Acacia koa; Akiapolaau; Drepanididae; Endangered species; Hemignathus munroi; Wildlife management Monographs
2005 Hawaii's comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy Mitchell, Christen, Ogura, Christine, Meadows, Dwanye , Kane, Austin , Strommer, Laurie E., Fretz, J. Scott, Leonard, David, Andrew, McClung, Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, Endangered species; Habitat conservation; Wildlife conservation; Wildlife management Monographs
2018 An Assessment of Nysius wekiuicola Populations and Thermal Microhabitat Conditions on Cinder Cones of the Maunakea Volcano, Hawaii Kirkpatrick, Jessica Cinder cones; Conservation biology; Insects Mauna Kea; Mauna Kea volcano; Wekiu bug; Wildlife management Monographs

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