Group Permits
Groups of over 10 people wishing to visit Maunakea are required to have a Special Request permit prior to their visit. Visit the VIS website for more information on group permits and to apply.  


Film Permits
All individuals or groups wishing to film on Maunakea for the purpose of sale, video production, television transmission, or to publicize the visuals and other information in electronic or printing form MUST first acquire a permit from the State of Hawaii Film Office. Film activities include still photography, video (including interviews and sound recordings), digital cameras, high definition digital recorders, etc.  Please contact OMKM for more information on film permits.


Commercial Use Permits
The only commercial permits that University issues are for commercial tour operators.  Currently OMKM is not issuing new commercial tour permits until administrative rules are established.


Research Permits
If you would like to conduct research on Maunakea, please contact OMKM


Military Groups
Military groups require special permission and must follow specific rules.  Visit the VIS website for more information on Military groups.



Balance, Harmony, Trust
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