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The Office of Mauna Kea Management has identified inventory, monitoring, & research interests for University managed lands on Maunakea.  This 'catalog' implements adaptive management principles of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve Master Plan (2000), Comprehensive Management Plan (2009), and sub-plans. Included are issues, topics, and knowledge gaps which impact mountain management and resources.  The catalog guides efforts of OMKM staff to seek funding or facilitate research.  And last but not least, a consistent presentation of reasearch proposals streamlines community reviews of proposed research.  

How to use the catolog:
If interested in conducting research on Maunakea - even if your interests are not identified - contact OMKM to discuss your interests, preferably before seeking funding.  OMKM will work with potential partners to find partners and support for priority research needs; including help identify how a proposal may address management or scientific interests. For those interested in monitoring, generally 'long term monitoring' has been left out of these summaries where it is believed to be dependent upon first completing time-consuming research or inventory projects - feel free to contact us if you have questions or ideas for implementing monitoring sooner. Depending upon the potential impacts of a project, reviews and approvals can require several months and may involve permits from entities besides OMKM.  Research approvals typically contain general and project-specific conditions.

Inventory, Monitoring, & Research Needs (MSWord [.docx] files, organized thematically)




Climate & Air Quality

Vegetation / Plants




Human Use

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  • Monitoring
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  • Inventory
  • Monitoring
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  • Research

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