Important Things to Know

Some important reminders about Maunakea.

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Why does OMKM spell "Maunakea" as one word?
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Help us keep Maunakea free of ants. Maunakea is one of the few places in the State where invasive ants are not found.
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Maunakea weather varies widely and the Summit Access Road may be closed due to dangerous conditions even though most of Hawai`i is warm and sunny!
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Maunakea is culturally significant to Hawaiians. Please be respectful when visiting the mountain.
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The Maunakea silverword is adapted to the harsh conditions on Maunakea, and is only found on the slopes of Maunakea.
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Maunakea stands at 4,205 meters above sea level.
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Filming on Maunakea requires a permit.

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